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(incidentally yes this Australian ad was filmed in NZ/Middle-earth, because reasons obvs)

(Hottest 100 countdown list here.)

a scattershot of things

Does "things" have a collective noun? Shouldn't "things" have a collective noun? Can I put up "a scattershot" for consideration? A murder of crows, a parliament of owls, a flamboyance of flamingos, a crash of rhinos, a scattershot of things. I mean, I'm open to other options, but I think that's a pretty solid starter. Enough to be getting on with, anyway.*

Speaking of getting on with, here's a thing: for the last few years, I've by and large been kneecapped by chronic fatigue. I can't say it's been fun, trying to claw my way back by inches to being a functional human being, but to be fair, it has been interesting in its own way. Maybe more in the "Chinese curse" way than anyone would find comfortable, but still, interesting. Just not in the way that I've had the interest – or, crucially, the energy – to discuss here before now.

In any case, the lowered output around here hasn't been a case of lack of interest, or bailing for a different fandom platform, but simply lack of energy to pursue it; what I have been able to post here has been peak production levels, and every single thing I've managed to scrabble together has felt like a little victory just for myself. Engaging anything anyone else has been doing, outside of my own little sandbox, has been flatly impossible – again, not because I don't care, but because I do not have the resources to sustain anything of the sort.

And although I am oh so very far from the end of this tunnel, I have lately been feeling like that far-off light seems just a little brighter and a little closer. I'm hoping (though not expecting, necessarily) to show more signs of life around here, to try to produce more even if it's just random thought fluff, now that it doesn't seem to take quite so much out of me proportionate to what I actually have to spend. Wooooo, for doing what you can when you can, even if that's by definition a transient state. And on that optimistic note....

let's try to justify using a collective nounCollapse )

... Yeah, I'm going to stop there, in the hope that the other thoughts (and other shows, because this is a fun game) I have about it all will spur me on to post again soonish. Shorter and more frequent posts! It could happen. Right?

* Although now that I think about it, if a collective noun for "things" even exists, it's is probably a collection, because that would make sense. Oh well. You can't win 'em all.
It was that or throttle someone. It's been one of those days. On balance, I think channelling/distracting/amusing myself by scribbling Cap and sundry as characters in Magic Mike was the healthy call....

... Why am I even doing words? You're not listening.

You've skipped ahead.Collapse )

rambling art-type process backstoryCollapse )

hey, how about I post something

So, I was recently reminded that Jupiter Ascending was a thing, and I tried watching it. Well, I did, I watched the whole thing. And I was going to call it a big bucket of nonsense, and leave it at that, but ...

... that didn't really do it justice.Collapse )


Just when I thought I was out had forgotten all about it, they suck me back in bring out the HEAVY HITTERS. Damn, TGW. If you wanted me back that bad, you only had to say. (This is better though.) I just wish I could work up the enthusiasm to actually care, for you. Never mind, we'll all just get through this last season (...? I'm assuming) together and everything will be fine. EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE.

Quote:Collapse )
Sooooooo I've been zipping through The Good Wife (and failing to realise or deal at all with the fact that The Walking Dead is back; I am a Multitasker or at the very least a Multifailer), despite not being at all invested in the story. Or any of the characters, really, I mean, I don't wish them ill, but I can't find it in me to really care what they want, why they can't have it, and what they're going to do about it. (This goes double for anyone with the last name of Florrick, unfortunately.) HOWEVER. Whoever is casting this show has some kind of direct line to my id and is scratching it behind the ears like a mofo. (I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this.) I have never encountered a supporting cast more overwhelmingly RTMI. I thought the squeaks I made when Alan Cumming and Gary Cole both first showed up in the same episode were undignified; little did I know what sounds I would turn out to be capable of when they just, oh, threw Eddie Izzard into a random episode as you do. !!!

So it's been a parade of delight in faces that I would put up with a GREAT DEAL to see on my screen – anchored by mainstays Christine Baranski, Josh Charles, Matt Czuchry, and Archie Panjabi, who are all astronomically high on that list (and while I don't have that previous interest in Julianna Margulies and Chris Noth, they are both also plenty enjoyable to watch) – and for the most part, TGW is not overtaxing in what it's asking me to put up with. The show was mostly moreish handfuls of eye- and brain-candy, yet six-odd seasons' worth of handfuls still ended up accumulating into enough Character Status Thoughts to burble out, at least relative to my Lost Girl complaints from last time. (Plus, the excessive use of gifs makes a return, huzzah. And, stuff.)

Alicia and cohorts may even be a better comparison for Bo and similar than what Orphan Black offers; like Bo, Alicia is the Central Moral Hero of the narrative who commands the respect, admiration and often love of pretty much everyone (important) around her by being just that special. However, unlike Lost Girl, which keeps insisting Bo really is all that and a bag of chips, but never quite manages to show it, TGW is stringent in making Alicia demonstrate the basis for her Little Miss Special status (and thus creates an internally logical and consistent story), while, in the background, making the odd poke and prod at the reality below this exemplary "Good Wife" exterior they (and she) have presented.¹

HOW. EVER. While all this is good and analytical and whatnot, and I'll get back to it all in a minute – first, I need to TALK SHIPPING and also to FACEPALM, because DAMN IT.

(Even the guy in the back is feeling the facepalm. Yeah, guy. I KNOW.)

the shipping situationCollapse )

some observations on the show's themeCollapse )

character workings, and how it relates to themeCollapse )

... HOWEVER. That still leaves me languishing (somewhat) in this Johnny Situation. I'd like to sort it out, so I can be done. With the caring. (Mmmmrm cast!candy.) Except this post is close to overloaded as it is ... eh. I guess if I still feel strongly about it I'll come back to that bit later and try and get it out of my system.

footnotesCollapse )
Well that was some swift aequitas, Murph– wait, wrong twins. Eh, you know what, if they're going to follow right the way through on the Children of Dune reference (fucking twins – in case it seems like that literary influence is a stretch, there's plenty more where that came from) and Romulus and Remus, I can make one too, even if mine is somewhat off-message since one twin doesn't massively outsurvive the other and create the defining city/empire of their people but rather they just fuck around being drunk and Irish and dispensing classic '90s-style vigilante justice with a divine twist look, shut up. *uses icon because.*

In case anyone's wondering, here's what happens when you're drained of energy of an evening and decide, screw it, I'll watch the mid-season finale anyway and leave the processing until later when I have the brainspace for it: you watch the whole episode in complete mental and emotional passivity, except for a grand total of three small reaction blips (those being: *welp*, good girl, and yep, definitely dead); then, as soon as the coda blinks out, get hit with the full-episode shot of storytelling adrenaline right to the heart and internally shriek OMG I LOVE THIS SHOOOOOOOWWWW; and then spend a long, quiet night going owwwwwwwwwwwwwwoowwowwww.* [*Actual results may vary.] Because I bet you were all wondering, and by gum, that's what I'm here for. [Actual results may vary.]

So ... yeah. There were A LOT of threads crashing into each other here; this will not be short. BUCKLE UP, IT'S THE LAW.

you work with what you haveCollapse )
Mmmmmmm, I do love luxuriating in a solid arranging-the-pieces-on-the-board episode, ooh yes. And cackling wildly over delicious character work via themes, motifs, and symbolism, ooooh yes. (As a sidenote, I hope they never go down the chess-motif route; everyone does chess motifs.... Ah, who am I kidding, if they ever do, I'll love it and be front of the line asking for seconds, let's be real here.) I certainly made up for the short shrift I gave the last two episodes. So, without further ado – shall we?

I have, like ... a need for a new way to title these cutsCollapse )
Okay, so, two problems with this whole week-by-week thing: one, life is periodically A Right Bastard, and two, I barely even know what to say about the last two episodes. Like I said for 5.03, after the 5.04 uptick, these here episodes are the lean pickin's for theme-tracking, since a huge amount has already been established and now it's mostly about driving it forward, and setting things up for the mid season clash of threads and consequences. And, as it turns out, unpacking stuff so front-and-centre that there's little to do beyond twidling thumbs, or *chinhand*ing and going uh-huh, uh-huh, uh.... Noooo. You did? Oh rly? Gosh! Uh-huh, uh-huh.... But since life required I let things slide (Abraham would not be proud, I bet), I do at least have two episodes to pick through, so let's get with the pickin' and some make-work.

I had, like ... a slowed rollCollapse )

Well, I hope everyone out there in tv land likes Beth! They all really do, I bet. And maintaining that illusion, as well as my bloodpressure, is one of the reasons I continue to avoid any and all TWD chatter whatsoever out there on the internet. (Ahhh, sweet tranquility.) My own insta-reaction to this episode was to send the flailing!Kermit gif to im_ridiculous, which, I find, continues to sum up my enthusiasm perfectly. I shall try to be more coherent (or at least verbal) than that in this review, but honestly there are no real guarantees beyond WABARBLGARBL THEMES! BETH! WHEEE SHOW!

I have, like ... ALL THE PARALLELSCollapse )

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