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I love it when a reboot comes together!

Just got back from watching The A-Team – and the seven year-old fanboy (gender-neutral) in me is ridiculously, deliriously, bounce-in-your-seat elated. For the first full half of this movie, the grin did not leave my face except to make way for my chortles of delight. No exaggeration.

I'd read some stuff about this movie online before seeing it, garnering the impression that the reviewers who criticised it for being dumb and superficial were completely missing the point, and the squeeing fanboys were squeeing for the right reasons. This turned out to be bang-on, as was the movie. Big, dumb, fun action that doesn't bother with straining credulity but goes straight to beating it to a pulp, setting it on fire, burying its ashes and dancing on its grave, is exactly what The A-Team does best.

And, of course, doing it with ebullient charm and larger-than-life personalities, to balance the absurdity of challenges against them. They do that best, too. Interestingly, each of the boys got a nuance or two to themselves, although Hannibal's was blink-and-you-miss-it. Face's was the most involved, for a given value of "involved". But then, that's in his brief. He's the charmer, of us as well as the ladies. The touches were just enough to make each of the A-Team more than cardboard, which they very easily could have been. The villains likewise got a hint at depth; Biel's Sosa was the flatest main character.

The plot was a little uneven, and the end-of-second-act low point was kinda more serious in tone than was strictly necessary, but it all still works – because everyone involved knew and, knowingly, embraced the Prime Directive: Insane Fun. They have fun, we have fun. It's in the contract. It's a pity that some people apparently didn't read theirs, and went in expecting The A-Team to be deep and sophisticated, like xXx or something.

But, their loss. (I shall not at this point be referring to people who are unwise, or how sorry I feel for them.) This is exactly what it promised to be and everything I went to see. It will be happening again at the first excuse I find.

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