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30 Days of SPN - Day 1

I blame the temptingness of memes in general, and the irresistability of SPN, and [info]tahirire in specific for posting the whole communicable disease.

And it's all "favourite so-and-so"
again, and we all know how I dither and suck at that. I am going to give myself the 30 days, though. Plus a few extra for travelling cross-country allowance, and such.

Day 1 - Favourite character
... Oh, come on. Who can even answer this stuff? I guess Dean would be the obvious answer, since his journey is the one I get at the most instinctive level, but does that automatically make him my favourite? When will these memes understand that I don’t do favourites! (Which is going to make this list a real challenge.)

So, no. Nix that. I’m making John my favourite. Yeah, there’s the JDM factor, and the smexy factor (the two have significant overlap), but this is about the character. Say what you like about the man (and many do), he was a juggernaut. He raised and protected two sons for over twenty years in hellish conditions not really of his making; he fought, with varying success, on every front of his life, and even when he surrendered it ended up destroying the thing that he surrendered to. The brightness of his enduring love for Mary and the darkness of his revenge and the ever-present need of his sons combine to create a fascinating character.

Not only that, he is an enduring mystery. The shape of the show and the characters are his legacy; for better or for worse, he was the centre of gravity of this little world we know. But how little we really know of what was going on inside this man! Not only did he become the man we've seen, who drilled his sons to survive the world his wife hadn’t, who fought with everyone he knew or loved, he also became a legend in the hunting community. Almost a myth, a name spoken among those in the know. He became a man who successfully terrorized those creatures which terrorize men. He was a man who gave his sons his strength and crippled them with his weaknesses, who saved them only to leave them broken. He became a man who, whatever truly happened in the course of his time in Hell, was able to get free and claw his way out, with soul enough left to save his sons’ lives and get revenge on the thing that destroyed his life, symbolically and literally.

He was a man who really died when his wife did, yet somehow found the strength and the will to keep breathing, keep fighting, for 22 more years before surrendering. And he was a man who did all of this alone. He’s a jackass and a martyr, a bull in a china shop and a ruthless and skilled warrior and the most hopeless romantic the SPNverse has.

He is John Winchester.


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Aug. 9th, 2010 07:08 pm (UTC)
Geez, friends 3 weeks and already I'm being blamed for things? CLEARLY WE ARE FATE.

"He’s a jackass and a martyr, a bull in a china shop and a ruthless and skilled warrior and the most hopeless romantic the SPNverse has."

This is why I love you so, methinks.
Aug. 10th, 2010 12:47 am (UTC)
Because it's ALL YOUR FAULT!!!1!1!! (But I suspect I secretly quite like it.... *demure face*)

This is why I love you so, methinks.

*snuggles the love and gives it cookies*

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