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30 Days of SPN - Day 2

This one at least was a little bit easier. I don't usually spend much time talking about "least favourite", because part of the reason something is worthy of being my least favourite is that I'm just not interested in it. Hence, I don't dwell on it. But I did my best. And, luckily, I enjoy the inhabitants of SPNverse enough that there was a relatively clear nominee.

Day 2 - Least favourite character
I’m going to have to go with Lillith on this one.

There just wasn’t a lot to her; she felt pretty stock-standard, for an arch villainess. I like the other female antagonists, so it’s not like I think SPN can’t do them in a layered and interesting way, but Lillith fell way flat for me. She felt like an uneven plot expeditor more than anything with a personality. “I’m standard-kit evol with the Little Girl expander pack; I want to free my master because of I just do; I don’t want to die. Sucks to be me. The end.” Uh, thanks?

Maybe the underdevelopment was also due to S3 being cut short, although they had all of S4 to rectify the situation, so really that’s not much of an excuse. Smeh. I’ll even take idol!Paris instead; at least she had real, if simple, drivers. Like buffing her nails. Vanity and self-absorbtion makes her real, in a way that Lillith was not, even with her “vacations” and baby eating. Personality is not what she does, it’s why. Was she bored? Developed an anaphylactic reaction to adult flesh? Is it the stress of stewarding a demon kingdom on her onesies? Does she miss Lucifer or fear him or want to have his demonspawn, that she wants to free him? Is it for the power or the lulz? Based on what I saw of her, I can’t answer any of these questions. Therefore, she’s not a character, she’s a cypher. And not even an interesting one, because there’s no sign that she’s supposed to be one (which can be done quite well – I’m thinking of the sand-blooded clockwork/Rasputin guy from Hellboy).

Probably the most telling thing is fandom’s reaction to her. Granted, I don’t follow anything fandom says or does almost at all, but nowhere did I get even a whiff of anyone caring about her enough to fight about her. Which is a sure sign you’ve got a non-starter on your hands, if the SPN fandom can’t summon enough interest or crazy to argue about her, or what she says about Show’s misogynist overtones, or compare her to Cassie or Anna, better or worse. (Yeah, I went there.) She’s a dud. Thanks for throwing her back.

Then again, she had wickedly interesting and effective henchmen, especially Ruby and Crowley. I don’t know, maybe she had to spend all her “layered personality” coupons to score them? In which case, aw, poor wittle hellion bitch. It really does suck to be you.

You know who did the little-girl flavour evil much better? Whedon, with AUVampire!Willow in S3 of Buffy. Something more like that would be a whole lot more chilling. But, sadly, no. Leaving me to have to agree with her: *headtilt* "... Bored now."

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