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30 Days of SPN - Day 7+8

I'm somewhat home. You know how it is.

I need to de-crick my entire body.

Day 7 - Your favourite Dean crying scene
Day 8 - Your favourite Sam crying scene
Yup, I’m doing them together. (I’ll make it twice as long to make up for it.) I confess that this does partly appeal because it makes the choice a little easier (zomg pretty broken crying boyz! The best parts are when they cry! And there are just so many times to choose from ...), but mostly it’s because it’s the one scene for both of them, which is what makes it so incredibly impactful, and has all these relationship things going on between them, and therefore is my favourite: the end of Heart. (Not because crazed publisher lady loves it too.)

I don’t even know how to start. It was just a brilliant scene altogether. It was so, so brutal, and so tender. And “messed up” doesn’t even begin to cover it. I mean, Sam’s already half-convinced he’s cursed, that death follows him around like a plague, and now he has to perform a mercy killing on the woman he just slept with! This kid who’s only twenty three years old. Was there any human watching whose heart didn’t break at that?

Plus, of course, it was reflective of his own journey in so many ways – his desperation to save her was his desperation to be saved/save himself, to prove that evil doesn’t always take over, that it can be stopped if you can just find the right solution. This woman who was so impressive to him, so resilient in her attitude, who'd taken control of her life after evil and violence had entered it ... and it made no difference. And while shooting her in the heart was saving her, by her own request, Sam is so very far from that acceptance yet. For him, saving = still living ... at this point. Right now, this is another nail of inevitability in Sam’s coffin. Is it any wonder he starts fearing he can’t avoid fate?

Lastly, this was the moment when Sam executed the even deeper-seated hope and aspiration to normalcy. This was a watershed in his hunting life. Whatever he hoped for before, whatever last shreds he was clinging to, even after discovering that he might go darkside and Dean had been tasked with killing him if he couldn’t save him (again reflecting the saving = living mentality), there was no going back, now. There’s no place in “normal life” for someone who’s done what he’s about to do.

And Jared blew this scene out of the water. The grief literally pouring down Sam’s cheeks, the resolve to take responsibility, to not let Dean do it for him, to make it his choice and stay in control of his life. The total vulnerability he shows in the moment to Dean, the trust, not hiding anything that’s going on inside him, and how that transitioned on his face into absolute resolve in seconds. Knowing, at the deepest level, Dean’s love and support and understanding was holding strong behind him. Knowing that Dean would do anything to protect him from this, but that to let him wouldn’t be right. Making the choice of what’s right, no matter the cost.

Oh, Sam.

And then Dean, of course – over the whole episode, he’s gradually twigging to the fact that Sam is identifying with Madison, and how deeply, to this point, when he realises exactly what Sam is having to sacrifice along with Madison. Watching his little brother, who he would give everything for, have to do this, lose his innocence like this. And because Sam has identified so strongly with Madison, Dean can't help but eventually do the same; this is no longer a simple, "external" hunt, however difficult and unfortunate. He, in turn, is watching Sam reflect what he may have to do and also fears above all else ... all in one tear and one terrible flinch.

Oh, Dean. I’m not so fond of “pretty” crying, but damn you, Jensen Ackles. Jared’s already stomped on my heart, you don’t have to put the boot in!

And it’s topped off by the “behind the scenes” story, which I’m sure most of us already know, where Jensen asked Jared what he was thinking of to prepare for the scene, and Jared said he was thinking about what it would be like to have to put down his dogs – who they both love, obviously. And so Jensen used that to inform his performance as well: watching Jared have to do that. And it’s all just....

WAAAAAHAH. *flails and blubbers*

Oh, boys.

I do hope there's a cheerful question up next. *scans ahead* ... "favourite death scene"??? *headdesk*


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Aug. 16th, 2010 10:36 pm (UTC)
Ohh, man. I haven't seen Heart for years, but yes: seen in Sam's greater character arc, it's brilliant and very powerful. I've always thought that Jensen was a better actor than Jared (or, at the very least, had better material to work with: repressed tough guy with marshmallow heart vs. emo geekboy with epic bitchface). But yeah, Jared did good in this one.
Aug. 17th, 2010 03:06 am (UTC)
Jensen certainly did start off with a lot more experience and there was a sometimes obvious gap between their ability onscreen in the early seasons, but Jared has been catching up in leaps and bounds (as befits those long legs of his). It's interesting how you rate the material they had to work with, because Sam was supposed to have the meatier journey by far. The evolution of how Show itself views the brothers (and the audience) has been a very interesting one. I remember when most people didn't like Dean because he was arrogant and insensitive!
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