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30 Days of SPN - Day 14

And swinging wildly back to the happy stuff. How very SPN of us.

Day 14 - A scene that makes you happy
Happy how? Because there are a lot of scenes that are so well executed, and do such fascinating things, and highlight the mad chops of our boys and Show, which all make me happy. But they’re not happy scenes. Who’s defining these things? Are we sure they thought this through properly? Who’s regulating this?

Okay, well anyway. Let’s say firecrackers in Heaven. I know the mood didn’t last, and there was a lot of angst in the episode, but that scene with Dean and young Sam in the field was a moment of pure happiness for both of them. And that makes me unequivocably happy, too.

Of course, the reason it was pure happiness for Dean was because he’d made it pure happiness for Sam. And you could say that’s a sad thing, or it makes the moment bittersweet, but it isn’t. Sam’s the most important person in his world, and he’s made him happy. And for Sam, the most important person in his world has done something to make him happy. It’s simply a happy time.

Yes, the events of the episode and the season are so dark as to threaten to leach the brightness in retrospect, but that is cynical and unjust to the truth of the moment. Darkness doesn’t cast a shadow; light does. If we let gloom dull the good, then we’ve given it too much credit: its role is only to provide a background against which brilliance can be seen and appreciated more deeply.


Aug. 23rd, 2010 12:57 am (UTC)
Well, someone's got to. This is SRS BZNS! ;)

Although, to be honestly serious for a second, the ins and outs of clear communication is one of my interests/passions. Which becomes fun to be facetious about....

Yeah, there was such innocent delight in that scene. I wish we could go to those places more often, but Show is actually extremely good at working the happy stuff in organically – never getting saccharine or chick-flicky. One of the reasons I (we) love it so very much!

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