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30 Days of SPN - Day 19

Is anyone even allowed to pick anything other than "Carry On Wayward Son", unless maybe it’s "Renegade"? Or "Eye of the Tiger", the dark horse working the comedy angle....

Day 19 - Your favourite SPN song
I really, really loved the instrumental score weaving through S2, felt especially in Croatoan. I’m not really sure why, except that I seem to really like music that mourns well. That acknowledges loss while continuing to look forward, resigned but also resolute. Determination faced with despair, and how that plays out. That was deep in the heart of S2, when just stopping and the oblivion that comes with it actually seemed to be a possible option. (Now we know better.)

Okay, but song-wise, that doesn’t really work. The moment I heard it, I fell in love with Blind Faith’s "Can’t Find My Way Home" at the end of Route 666. Well, I mean, it’s hard to go wrong with Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood, although I’ll admit I haven’t sought out a lot of Blind Faith’s stuff, so take that as you will. The yearning and yet the waiting, the romantic overtones and the stoic undertones ... very bluesy, and very Dean. Dean is rock, but then rock’s roots, and hidden heart, are in blues.

Of course, I never felt it was also Sam’s song before now, because there’s a kind of contentment in it that he didn’t have. But who knows – perhaps now that Dean has found his way to a home, and Sam has defeated his demons, this song has shifted to Sam’s. Who knows what S6 will bring (and yeah, I've heard some stuff, but I’m really not that interested in spoilers).

Okay, but. There’s also an incredibly rockin’ anthem that has the distinction of being the only true single-character-anthem in Show. And my playlist, on random, just went straight from "Can’t Find My Way Home" to it: "Back in Black". Which was already vying for equal standing; I don’t listen to it as often, but it has home-court advantage with AC/DC being Australian, and the Impala being the freaking Impala. What’s a girl to do?

Well, she can let a bathroom stall in Middle of Nowhere, Wyoming, decide. On my epic (well, it felt that way) 40 hour road trip across significant chunks of the American country, I found myself in a random bathroom stall at 2 AM, staring at the top right corner of the door in front of me on which someone had scrawled AC/DC in red marker. Which pretty much clinches the deal.

Well I’m back in black, yeah I’m back in black!

Of course, if Show could ever, ever afford some Led Zep, and depending on what they could get, this would require some rethinking.

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