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30 Days of SPN - Day 22

Ah, another confoundingly vague question. And another over-long mental ramble in consequence. Yay?

Day 22 - Your favourite minor character
As others have asked, what constitutes “minor”? A repeat character, a regular guest, a one-off? Or am I just giving these meme things too much credit in expecting coherence – when really all they’re intended to do is facilitate squee?

So I guess this means I get to pick two. A repeat character, and a one-off. Because those are the rules. That I’ve just made up. I have a flag.

Although I just realised that gives me two difficult choices instead of just one. Gah!

Ellen, Crowley, Henriksen (apparently I’ve been spelling his name wrong all this time; sorry, dude), and Rufus are all really hard to pick from. I mean, that’s just the first tier, only a nudge out in front of Gabriel, Ash, Andy, Ava, Meg, Adam, Jo, Reaper Tessa, Pamela, Azazel ... Mary? Can you even call her a minor character? Young!Mary and young!John, then.

I don’t really know why I liked Rufus so much. He’s only in two episodes, but he really landed as a character, for me. Of all the characters hinted at and run into in the hunting community, he’s the one who feels the most real. And the one I want to know about the most. There’s something to him that makes me think of how John could have ended up (if not dead) if he hadn’t had his sons to worry about, although that’s kind of an aside; I don’t like him just for that reason. I don’t know. – But having managed to accomplish so much in only two appearances will have to make him my “favourite”, since I literally cannot choose between the four of them otherwise.

And then one-off characters. I really liked the master sargent from Croatoan – *checks* – who according to Supernatural Wiki never actually had a name (which might explain why I couldn’t remember it). Like Henriksen, I wish he’d survived and gone on to become a hunter. Why can’t we have that? Show, why can’t you show a civilian starting on the path to hunting and surviving past the end credits? I liked the doctor, too. She could have set up a medical practice that was hunter-friendly, or something.

Or they could both have hooked up with Ronald. That would have been awesome. I love Ronald.

Ooh, and okay, one of them was evil in the end, but I loved the three old magicians in Criss Angel. I’d have put them as my favourite friendship, only it’s a bit of a depressing one. And although he creeped me out on an existential level, as a character I liked the Patrick dude-witch from Curious Case. And Lenore, the evil but pragmatic vampire leader, I liked her too. And that not-a-siren doctor who did the only sane thing and totally jumped Sam’s bones the moment she had an opening, and then went off all alive and human and uncursed and everything.

I’ve changed my mind. I’m not doing a one-off.

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