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30 Days of SPN - Day 23

Moving right along....

Day 23 - The character that is most like you
I’ve been wondering how to get around this question for 23 days, and haven’t come up with anything particularly clever. Because I hate it when people say this about themselves, using it to dictate their Very Special insights about Show and SamnDean and to dismiss others’ views. (Plus they usually come across as obsessed and/or crazy, which ... okay, yeah, granted. I can't argue that one.) And frankly, because if they really were what they say, they would not be shaking their butts all over the wubz about it. (I’ve done time reading on imdb boards, kid – I ain’t ever goin’ back. I’ll die first.)

But. It’d be cowardly to run and it’d be wrong to lie. And mildly annoying to avoid the one question I can easily and immediately answer.

So: Dean.

Suffice it to say a combination of very unusual factors have shaped my whole life, and the parallels, both direct and analogous, are just awkwardly close. (Although in fairness I must note that I have not spent 40 years in actual Hell.) It’s not a bad thing as such, just a pretty private thing. Until I watched the pilot epsiode, I never knew I had a story, let alone someone to identify with, or why people ever got so personally attached to shows, or that stories could reflect anything beyond superficial similarities ... and leave it at that.

(See? Awkward. I’m definitely not trying to complain about my life, because it’s made me who I am, and I am very okay with that. And there’s plenty enough distance for objectivity, here. I don’t actually mind talking about this stuff, just not, you know, en masse. But then flocking the entry was only going to be even more pretentious than the claim, so. There you have it.)

Okay. I’m done just walking in here naked.

*careless shrug*
*cocky grin*

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