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30 Days of SPN - Day 28

Gettin’ there (which is for the happy).... And another self-limiting list. Huzzah!

Day 28 - Your favourite season finale
I literally just watched the end of S2 with a friend who I have converted to the cause of SamnDean, and man, it’s a corker. No doubt about it. Part of that is because the momentum of the season was strong at that point, too, which other seasons didn’t always manage with their ducks in a row.

All the finales are worthy of much love, of course, but they really can be uneven. While I loved Swan Song, it was also the most evident that this was the finale they wanted to have before the story diverged, and it shows at the seams. Lucifer Rising was too painful for words, in the best way possible, of course. And Devil’s Trap had one hell of a kick to it, because it was purely family vs demon, choice vs possession, without the greater scope of the later seasons. It was the most intimate and most focussed on Show’s issues (which they tried to bring it back to in Swan Song but couldn’t quite, what with the apocalypse and everything), but it therefore couldn’t have the storytelling momentum behind it that the others have had.

However, there’s also No Rest for the Wicked. With the singing, and the last-minute dash to kill Lillith, and the saying of goodbyes, and the Sammunity to Lillith’s death ray, and Dean being ripped to shreds on a living room floor and one more desperate “SAM!” from Hell. And the fact that they actually went through with it, which is nothing if not gutsy, even if their hands were forced. The episode reflected that a little, too, just that holy-crap-this-is-actually-happening-wtf sense. And I know that having Sam start the apocalypse by saving Dean is a hell of a cost to pay, for both of them, but Dean paying the actual cost of the actual deal he made is incredibly satisfying from a character/story point of view. It forced growth, for both of them, that probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Two left.

*pant wheeze cough wheeze*

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