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30 Days of SPN - Day 30

Hooray! Done!

Day 30 - Anything SPN related
And to celebrate, I embark on something exponentially more time-consuming and life-eating. But to compensate, I shall be doing it in a far more leisurely manner.

Because I always run across people’s episode reviews, and love them, and then get sad that they at best started around S3, and because I’ve been wanting to go back and look at the story with all the information for a while, and because we could probably all do with a nostalgic meander through where it all began about now, and because I’m interested to go on this trip with you all to squee and coo and flail and weep over the boys some more, and because I feel like it and I’m clearly a masochist, I give you:

Project: The Road So Far.

Where I’m planning to (slowly, and with much slipshoddedness) review all the episodes. From the beginning. Yeah, you heard me. Because ... well, just because. I began on it a little while ago, and this seems a good occasion to post the one for the pilot, which almost killed me. There’s just too much in it! Most of the others will not be nearly so long (I hope). There will also, at some point, be a master post explaining the What-The-Hell?

Of course, what with other unfinished projects and general life things, it’s going to take a while to really get started. I’m not in a hurry, though, are you? (And if you are, space out the Pilot review. Because it is sizeable.) But I’ll post this one now as a statement of intent. And we’ll see where we get to. Yes? Okay.

Rock on, kids. Rock on.

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