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the road is calling

Oh, hey, just finally got around to watching 6.01. I'm a bad hyper-relaxed fangirl. Hell, I'm posting reviews five years after the episodes aired. I'm happy to sit back and see how things pan out.

(Also, fair warning: my immediate reactions to things tend toward snark more than squeeflailing. It's not because I didn't like/love/enjoy the hell out of it. See that "curmudgeonly tendencies" tag down there? Yeah. For a reason. I'm a tough nut to crack. But I did honestly like it.)

Random thoughts:
Sam is SO CALM. I love it. And, yeah, there's stuff he's repressing. But there's also a hell of a lot he's worked through and come to terms with about himself – he was heading that way all of S5. This isn't a surprise; I'm pretty sure what we're seeing is selfaware!Sam. \o/

That last scene between them:
Sam: I guess I just, uh, wish you were coming, that's all.
= Dean: I can't do this without you.
Dean: Why?
= Sam: Yes you can.
Sam: Don't be stupid.... It's just better with you around, that's all.
= Dean: Yeah, well ... I don't want to.

This is Sam's way of saying that. And it means that Dean really doesn't get where his brother is right now. Not surprisingly. But it also means that he will.

There's a lot of complicated things going on under Dean's decision to stay (including Writerly machinations to ensure it doesn't stay that way, obviously), but bottom line: Lisa and Ben are his responsibility. He wants to be in the hunt, with Sam. But Prime Directive is (temporarily) transferred; Sam, with his own cool car set up the way he likes it and his drive to hunt and survival for a year without Dean and the paternal presence of Samuel, is as safe as he could be even with Dean around. Saved, not so much, necessarily. From the previous arc and relationship paradigm, sure. Dean's grown out of the compulsive need to protect Sam, but I'm betting some comprehension of how much Sam needs Dean, still, is going to be what nudges this puppy out of the kennel. (... That metaphor came right out of nowhere. Huh.)

I'm a little concerned for Ben and Lisa's safety, as I haven't been spoiled at all, and have no idea what Writers have in store for them. Best case scenario that I can currently think of: they stay at Bobby's, who's a pretty awesome role model himself, as far as I'm concerned. (Btw, I'm not a spoilerphobe. I like to watch the story unfold either way. I just don't go looking for them and don't care for the frenzy that tends to surround them.) But knowing Show, I'm not holding my breath; still, Dean's women aren't automatically
doomed. So there's that.

Oh, and, Ben&Lisa : Sam :: Campbells : Dean. (Or Ben&Lisa : Dean :: Campbells : Sam, if you prefer. Both work.) O hai, divided family loyalty theme-arc for the season. (I doubt that Ben and Lisa will be so long term, but who knows.) BUT WHO WILL SAMNDEAN CHOOSE, THEIR RESPECTIVE UNDERSTUDY FAMILIES OR ONE ANOTHER????? *bites nails in total non-tension*)

Sum up: yeah. Liked it. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get my head back into S1 meta.


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Sep. 26th, 2010 05:18 pm (UTC)
Very interesting. I've seen this "calm Sam" reacion from other people as well... and it's a nice way to take it.... I guess to me, Sam seems a little, well, concerned about his own lack of affect. When he tells Dean he wouldn't have gone out to help those neighbors for example, it seems like a big change has occurred in Sam, and not necessarily for the better. I do think he wanted Dean to go with him, but he let it go so easily.... and Dean is very conflicted.

Being pro-Lisa, I want Dean to have his cake (Sam,the Hunt) and eat it too (Lisa, Ben, his family to take care of).

I fear the Campbells. TRUST NO ONE. EEEK!

I'm exactly with you on spoilers -- I don't hate them, but I hate the frenzy that they whip up. So I tend to avoid. :)
Sep. 26th, 2010 08:04 pm (UTC)
Sam seems a little, well, concerned about his own lack of affect.

I can see how people read it that way, but to me, he seemed simultaneously aware of what it means and accepting of what it means. Dean is a leader of men, but Sam's a general. He sees the fight through a general's eyes; he sees the big-picture tactical stuff, the strategy. And that IS a good thing, in a war. Dean's right: what he did was reckless and dangerous and almost killed them both, without bringing any good to his dead neighbours. Neither side can afford to BE the other one, and both sides need the balance of the other one. So Sam misses his brother and recognizes the needed balance Dean brings to Sam's approach to hunting, and he's still the only one Sam can trust. But one of the developments of S5 is the brothers' respect of one another's decisions, and he's not going to push it. So (as of yet, anyway) I don't see Sam being OMG BROKEN!!!1!1!!!!1.

I fear the Campbells. TRUST NO ONE. EEEK!

I don't for a second think Sam trusts Samuel to the extent he trusts Dean, although he might trust him more than he should. Sam keeps those cards very close to the chest. And I think Samuel might be a little overconfident in Sam's trust, too. I don't know how much Sam knows of what Samuel's doing, but I'm expecting some twists and turns there. Not all for the bad, either.

Sorry, long reply. /rambling

Sep. 26th, 2010 09:32 pm (UTC)
To me, Sam was WAAAAY TOO CALM. Like when Dean first hugged him, he just...smiled vaguely. Of course you could argue that a) he knew it was coming and b) he hadn't wanted the reunion in the first place. But still, he seems scarily detached.

Also, remember towards the end of season 5 where they go to the Croatoan virus factory? Bobby finally relents / gives Sam credit for getting all the non-possessed workers out, at great risk, when he could have left them to die. So: Sam does care about saving randoms. Or he did before going to Hell.
Sep. 27th, 2010 12:51 am (UTC)
So: Sam does care about saving randoms.

Oh, yes, totally. Please don't get me wrong; I believe Sam definitely cares about saving randoms. I personally didn't see any sign that that's changed. (I didn't see any definite sign that it hasn't changed, either, but to me, Sam's earned the benefit of the doubt and then some.) It's not about the drive to save, or the desired end result, it's the way of assessing the risk/benefit equation. Sam had assessed that it was already too late to save the beer-buying neighbours, and there was significant risk to being lured into the trap. Dean didn't care, because he was emotionally invested. But neither wanted them killed, and both would have saved them if they could.

I guess you could put it this way: during the past year, both Sam's calculation and Dean's passion have been refined and honed. Sam's calculation by the fight, Dean's passion by far deeper contact with the "randoms" they save. Both are needed, in balance and in tension, to fight a war.

Sam's calmness ... there's far too much context to what we witnessed, that we don't know yet, to be able to diagnose what is going on there. I'm not saying it's all good, either. I'm just saying that I like it. I like the self-awareness of him. I like it because it gives us new territory, new developments in Sam. And, for his character, I really like it. He's come of age. This makes me ZOMG HAPPY.

/more rambling. Crikey.
Oct. 3rd, 2010 01:49 pm (UTC)
I like your assessment that Sam is behaving differently because he's changed, that there's been character development. Seems like there's been a knee-jerk reaction to just say "OMG, Sam's OCC, OH NOES!"

I avoid spoilers like the plague, so I have no idea what's coming next. I enjoy speculation though, so keep it coming. Now I have to scare up 6.02 and get caught up. I think I liked it better when the show aired on Thursdays.

Also, I'm really looking forward to your S1 reviews, but am waiting until I can rewatch the episodes. (Which is going to entail asking Himself to help. I have S1 on DVD and the media computer is in a very awkward place for me to get to it right now - on a shelf that's practically on the ground.)
Oct. 4th, 2010 01:45 am (UTC)
Knee-jerk reactions? In this fandom? OH NOES! The SKY is FALLING!!!1! :)

One of the things I have consistently adored about Show is that it refuses to stay still in terms of character and relationship development. And that it's not afraid to push those boundaries, and give things time to develop, and have consequences. So, yeah, there's no doubt there's damage from Hell. But like with Dean, there's so much that's happened that we don't know yet, that all the hysterical psychobabble is just ridiculous.

Look out for 6.02. I think it may have created a mass hormonal spike the likes of which tv fandom has never seen before. Of course, you might be somewhat protected.... I'd love to hear your reaction once you see it. :)

Don't worry about keeping up with the meta, it'll be around. It's pretty hefty, so pace yourself. I tell you what, watching back through them now is so interesting. Once you get Himself in line, you'll have fun with it!
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