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further speculation on S6

Okay. Nearly everything I was spoiled for in S6 has already happened (Sam doesn't make contact for a year, Gramps McGee is back on the scene, Nothing Is As It Seems ... okay, that one's still happening), so all this is pretty much pure speculation. If you happen to have spoilers to the contrary at your disposal, they are very much welcome in the comments, so spoilerphobes beware. (Links help too.)

And I'm throwing this all out there partly because I was mulling it over at work today, but also a lot because I'm really interested in other people's theories, too. Especially if everyone has already figured all this out, chuh, and I'm just trailing at the back of the pack going "ooh, that's interesting" at everyone else's footprints. So, let's hear 'em.

I was thinking about some of the bigger questions 6.01 set up for the season. Who brought them back, why they're back, etc. Cas? God? Unknown shadowy cosmic string-puller with ambiguous motives? And so on. I also happened, totally at random, to watch a bit of Dark Side, because I had twenty minutes to kill and was in serious danger of falling asleep and couldn't concentrate on anything strenuous, like reading or staring off into the distance.

Given the S6 focus on extended family, the family business, and the ancestry, and also that John and Mary were MIA in Heaven so that even Ash couldn't find them with his practically-applied string theory, and given that I really don't think they want to open up the God box now that they've closed it with the Chuck thing feeling like a pretty solid kiss-off, I feel a theory brewing. Of course, this might be waay off base, and I may be drawing on all the wrong information, but the shape that information is making is that of a coalition of Campbell hunters in Heaven. Sure, most people can't flit around in heaven, but if anyone's equipped to figure out the ins and outs, its a family of hunters.

I wouldn't be surprised if they've hooked up with Ash and Cas, either. (I'd hope for Ellen and Jo, too, but I'm not going to push my luck.) Cas seems to have some decent pull in heaven, and it's well within his powers to pull people up or down, as we've seen. If he's the new sheriff in town, it would make sense to appoint deputies he knew he could trust, hunters of the family he's already formed an alliance with. If he's fighting rebellious factions, ditto. Samuel could have been part of the deal, whether he remembers it or not, or there's a plan for both Heaven and earth, or this is all just mobilizing necessary apocalypse mop-up detail. (I'm still wavering on whether Sam's resurrection was God or not, since God was still in the picture at the time, and it felt like a fitting reparation.) As for Ash, in Dark Side, he said he hadn't found them – yet – but he was looking. (I doubt it was a lie, but there's an outside possibility of it. As of that last visit to Heaven, I wouldn't be at all surprised if this plot was a twinkle in Writers' eyes, but in-universe it doesn't make sense to have had started yet.)

It just seemed so obvious, as I watched them talk in Ashland in Dark Side, that The Fight doesn't take place there. Part of Dean's distaste for Heaven was that it doesn't matter. It's just re-runs. The show's over. The show's on earth, fighting. (Remember, to live is to fight.) On the other hand, is that enough for a family of hunters, when some of them are still down here, fighting? Is that enough for John and Mary, specifically, when their boys are on the line? Remember, Mary "killed" herself to destroy the poltergeist in the house in Home and save her boys, and John clawed out of Hell to help kill YE and save his boys. I'm betting they've enough motivation to do everything they can, from Heaven, to aid the fight, no matter how little. (I'm also betting Mary's spirit was not destroyed.) And I have to admit, the idea of John and Mary working together as hunters, either overtly or covertly in Heaven, gives me the happies. I'm not completely unbiased in making these theories. A lot of them are based largely on the "that would be SO COOL" system of logic, but then to be fair, Show largely runs on that, too.

Anyway. One thing I'm dead certain of, and that's that the boys are going to discover family in unexpected places (again, thankyou foreshadowing season opener), that family is more complex than they ever dreamed possible, and that this is not always a bad thing. It's still going to be hell, though, because that's what family is.


Sep. 28th, 2010 07:05 pm (UTC)
I probably would if I had time :)

As it is, I'm okay to wait and see where they go in the season. If they don't go this way – or give us something equally compelling and satisfying – I might. LATER. Oy. *shakes fist at rl*

(love the icon ^^)

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