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random NEWS!!!1!11!!!!1!

Once more, the weekend it turning out busier than it should, although in this case it's because of AWESOME because some friends and I will be getting out of the city to a big old house with a very nice projector and having a Lord of the Rings marathon. Extended versions, of course. And cooking and eating wonderfully tasty and fattening Fall/hobbit food such as shepherds pie and stew and omelettes and a fatally delicious chocolate cake which, as per tradition, will also serve as breakfast the next day when no one can even think of moving or exterting themselves at all. I shall report back at a later date. Possibly.

But in other news, I've been plagiarized. (My first ever fic – what is that, the primoficature? – Leverage, no spoilers, but angsty out the wazoo. And, for the record, it's better as Parker and Eliot, as I wrote it, than as "India", or possibly "Rose", whoever that is, in hers. I'm assuming it's a her.) Which is, I don't know, kind of backhandedly sweet? Maybe not.

ETA: apparently the link goes nowhere now. She must have taken it all down. So much for my short-lived connection to notoriety.

She doesn't seem to be doing anything yet about the increasing number of people telling her to take them down. I've never really given plagiarism that much thought, and on this level it seems fairly ... uninteresting, really. I mean, I've got actual things going on, that I'm only just keeping up with as it is. I do understand why it's a concern generally, I'm just saying that it's not something I'm going to break out the pitchforks for. Especially not since there seem to be a bunch of other authors quite prepared to take up the fight, and that this person appears to be known for this sort of thing. The fanficcing community does not seem to take kindly to this sort of thing at all. I imagine that playground justice will be administered emphatically.

I don't know. What are our thoughts on plagiarism? And on this level? Should I be less meh about it?

And now I need to either finish pulling together a group project that was supposed to be in yesterday, or nap, if the other members haven't all sent me their pieces yet. If I were a zombie, I'd crave sleep, not brains. I'd be the least threatening zombie ever. SLEEEEEPP....


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Nov. 14th, 2010 10:50 am (UTC)
Oooh, man. My friends and I did an extended editions LOTR marathon a couple of years ago. 13 straight hours, helped along by pizza, chocolate, coffee laced with booze and then hot chocolate laced with booze.

By the very end I was sobbing like a baby. I mean, I've always cried at the Grey Havens scene anyway - even just listening to the Annie Lennox song can make me weepy - but it seemed so much more powerful in the context of all the movies back to back.
Nov. 14th, 2010 11:04 pm (UTC)
Confession: this isn't the first time I've done this. This makes the fourth LoTR marathon I've done, since the third one came out in theatres – the cinema showed all three theatrical releases back-to-back to two packed rooms of cheering nerds until about 8 in the morning. Sleep deprivation always seems to be part of these things!

I was actually thinking about the "endless" endings of the movie (and it's hardly their fault; Tolkien was worse), and when you watch them all together, it's just right. You need them. And to be perfectly honest, I was sobbing at things all the way through. There's one scene that always gets me: Eomer finding Eowyn's body on the battle field. Karl Urban, you kill me. Whew. ❤_❤
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