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forgetting is random

Oh. Friday. I forgot. On the other hand, I got a paper that I really didn't want to do done in about two hours (which was totally God answering a prayer), so yay for that (and God)! And then my roommate and I watched three episodes of SeaChange, which is pretty much exactly what I needed right now. Also, she gets so worried for the characters and what's going to happen. It's adorable.

So I'm on a home kick at the moment. Also in the mood to share with you lot some of the awesomeness that is Australian creativity.

Let me introduce ... Gotye. Since that bio is pretty much the best of its kind ever, and more than I could possibly hope to tell you myself, go read that, if you're interested. And, if I know you guys and you watch this music video of his, which you will, you'll be interested. And thus will click that link and read. Overselling it? I think not.

But this is the age of finding out for yourself, so press play and find out.

I have loved this song ever since I heard it. I love pretty much everything of his I've heard so far – and there is a whole lot of range in his stuff – but this one stays with you. The lyrics, the beat, the melody ... crawl inside you and quietly take up permanent residence.

But, I have to admit that that's just a teaser. It's been ages since I saw this other one, but on a hunch looked it up this evening, and to my great delight and gratification saw that it is, in its entirety, now on YouTube:

The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello

Being a gorgeous short film of a gothic steampunk concoction of a world of strange wonder and horror. Sure, it's almost half an hour, but take the time. You won't regret it (and if you're not enjoying yourself in the first five minutes, you'll know and you'll stop, so that's alright).

And since I've just given you just over half an hour of weirdness that is in no way representative of the range that Australia has to offer, I shall be done.

... Oh, alright, one more. My absolute favourite Australian (well, fine, one of them started out Kiwi but you can't tell now) satirists, Clarke and Dawe, who do a weekly topical interview on the ABC's 730 Report, in which "John makes no attempt to look or sound like the person he is pretending to be, but deals with matters as he sees fit. Bryan persists with dignity and strives for understanding."

Since most of their spots deal with current Australian political events, it's probably a bit hard for people who don't follow it to, well, follow. So I offer one that is more internationally recognizable, although no longer completely current:

Okay. No more YouTube spamming for a while, then. Promise. Probably.

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