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random shipping

I'm not much of a one for non-canon ships (or even a lot of canon ships, but whatevs). I'm not in fandom for the shipping. (I know none of you need the link, I just find it interesting. "[T]his is why as of today Wikipedia needs a tiny disambiguation note at the top of its article on maritime delivery of goods. Much to its chagrin." Heh.) I'm here to watch story and characters and there's a lot more to that than sucking face. Not trying to be a snob, because I like a good romance done well, and the possibilities inherent in that sort of thing. But I only have so much energy and it's got to be worthwhile investing.

Having said all that, there is one non-canon ship which I am totally on board. Due to recent ranting, I was reminded of this, although along with the show I hadn't thought about it in ages.

(That's Alma, btw. In case ... well, in case.) And this was their first face-to-face meeting ever. They didn't have many, but every one of their interactions was incredible, and HOT crazy-charged. I doubt, had they continued the show, they would have done anything official with it. But I can tell you, they'd have done plenty interesting.

Also? Early S1 Swearengen is my idea of the balance of psychotic and mesmerizing that Heathcliff should be understood to have.

So what are your all weird/hopeless/favourite ships? I'd do a poll but there are just too many options.


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Jan. 16th, 2011 11:31 pm (UTC)
I've only just started S2, so I haven't seen this yet. :) I had to take a bit of a break after S1 because the show is just so intense. Sometimes watching it feels like work. Interesting work, but work nonetheless.

So, shipping. Not my thing really. I guess I shipped Buffy/Angel back in the day, but I liked the show for other reasons. Although, I got the dvds a few months ago and have been watching in fits and starts, and whatever it was I liked about them back then, I don't care for them now.
Jan. 17th, 2011 01:01 am (UTC)
Oh man, S2 is where Al really got me onside. I mean, it took until the end of S1 for him to win me over to even liking him, because he was UNPLEASANT. He's not supposed to be sympathetic! And then all the people who loved him made me not want to, in my usual contrary way. But his journey completely won me over, and by the end of S3 I was forced to admit he was my favourite. And damn if Ian McShane can't rock the 'stache like nobody's business. If you thought S1 was hard work ... strap in. (Also, you're not wrong. It IS hard work.)

Hm, Buffy/Angel. Yeah, I remember that phase. I think the main problem with rewatching that series is that it was such a teen-centric show. (Well, and Joss, while brilliant, is a little too impressed with how brilliant he is, which turns out to be not quite as much as he thinks.) Their problems are those of teens and young adults, which, once passed, just aren't all that interesting. It's like Romeo and Juliet. You just kind of sit there going, uh, guys ... it's not that big a deal. Really. It's just hormones. You'll grow out of it. And where are all the responsible adult types that should have explained that to you, and why aren't they doing their job?!?!
Jan. 17th, 2011 03:45 am (UTC)
"If you thought S1 was hard work ... strap in"

Uh... Yay?

I hope to get through S2 before Supernatural starts again, because my brain doesn't have room for both shows at the same time.

Oh Al. He's fascinating. And Ian McShane is absolutely terrific. I mean, I don't LIKE him, but he's probably my favourite character already. Besides, if we're talking unpleasant, the owner of the rival saloon/whorehouse [his name escapes me at the moment], has me practically covering my eyes every time he's onscreen.

"... is a little too impressed with how brilliant he is, which turns out to be not quite as much as he thinks."


Buffy and Angel acting like Romeo and Juliet would be fine [annoying, but understandable], but Angel is 200(!), why is he acting like a 16 year old girl? But it's one of those things - enjoyable at the time, but years later you wonder what the hell you were thinking.
Jan. 17th, 2011 05:53 am (UTC)
my brain doesn't have room for both shows at the same time.

Oh, hell yes. I know what you mean. But at least there ARE two shows like that to enjoy.

Oh man, yeah, Cy. To quote the TwoP recapper: HATE. (I don't much like TwoP, but I found those recaps excellent. I read them in lieu of the show, for my fix. Much less rigorous.) I mean, he's supposed to provide contrast with Al, and how, but he's ... unfortunately successful at it. Erg. But then, that's something I love about the show, which is how it bears up so well under repeat watchings, because there are shades and nuances to every character. Cy's own self-discontent is very interesting, especially when compared to E.B. I mean, they're actually very alike (as becomes more obvious later on, when there's a powerful man Cy is trying to suck up to ... who makes the loathing you feel for Cy now seem like moderate dislike), it's just that Cy is successful and E.B. isn't. Anyhow.

I don't LIKE him, but he's probably my favourite character already

Right. S2 was where I went from enjoying Al to liking him. And Dan and Johnny and even Adams, eventually. There's something so ... loyal about Dan and Johnny that ... well, anyway. And Ian McShane's two second appearance in the new Pirates trailer single-handedly made me actually interested in it. (I liked the previous three, but another one? Didn't seem worth it. But now....)

Angel is 200(!), why is he acting like a 16 year old girl?

I have NO IDEA. I mean, you could do the reasoning where he was filtered through a 16 year old's worldview, which is what the series was, and therefore only the aspects of him that a 16 year old girl would understand (or be interested in) were expressed within the show. I mean, AtS gave him more room to actually, you know, grow and be a character, but still. In the end, over both series, I was rooting for (in descending order): Cordelia, Oz, Lindsey, Faith, Spike, Connor. (Yeah, Connor. I went there.) And kind of the Mayor, too, to be honest. And in Firefly, I liked Jayne. I mean, I liked most of the crew okay, but Jayne. Oh, and Badger, of course. Mark Sheppard ftw! I wonder what those preferences say about me? There's probably an online quiz somewhere, that will tell me absolutely nothing.
Jan. 17th, 2011 08:03 pm (UTC)
I figured we'd see more layers to Cy eventually. For now he's just pure villain, because we never see a softer side to him, the way we do with Al, which is of course done so that we CAN like Al. Still, sometimes I feel like fastforwarding through his scenes because they're so uncomfortable [but I resist!]

Oh TwoP. We've all hung out there at some point. :) Yeah, I kind of hate it over there. But they are capable of good reviews when the recapper likes the show. Haven't been there in ages though - the Spn recapper put me off the whole place. Although to be fair, that was probably just the last straw.

"And Ian McShane's two second appearance in the new Pirates trailer single-handedly made me actually interested in it"

Kings. He made it worth watching.

Eh. The thing about Angel acting like a teenager is that it's basically a requirement of the plot, and there's no way to justify it except that he has to act that way or else there wouldn't be an Epic Love Story.

"In the end, over both series, I was rooting for..."

Hey I like your list.

Can I just tell you? Willow drove me crazy. I mean, S3, Buffy has to be the slayer, and she just killed Angel right? And Willow is all "But I'm doing magic and it frightens me. And I'm dating Oz. I need someone to listen to my problems. You need to be a better friend Buffy." W. T. F. Okay, sorry, rant over. That's just been stewing for YEARS. :)

Firefly combined my two least favourite genres, so I never watched it. I did watch S2 of Dollhouse though, for whatever that's worth. Considering I could be president of the Joss Whedon Is Overrated club, I've watched a lot of his [crap] shows.
Jan. 18th, 2011 01:06 am (UTC)
It's not so much Cy's soft side, as ... er, his pathetic side? Doesn't really endear him. I have been known to fastforward at times!

Ugh, the recapper for SPN singlehandedly turned me off TwoP, and that was how I first became aware of them, too. So I was pleasantly surprised by their Deadwood stuff. And Kings is another one I never spent much effort on; watched part of the pilot but it failed to capture me, despite McShane's sterling work. I think that's part of the problem with actors like McShane and Olyphant: they're so good with other heavyweights to play off, that when they're put in a cast with no one who's really up to it, they just kind of steamroll everyone and it gets kinda blah. :(

Hey, I'm right there too. I never really liked Willow. I mean, I never really liked Buffy, either. I liked the smartness of the dialogue (Whedon isn't BAD, he's actually pretty good, but just – as you say – overrated), and I was a teen, so it appealed at the time. It was definitely among the better stuff on tv. But my brother was always much more into it than I was. Then I discovered SPN, and, well.

I actually thought Firefly was the best of Joss's work. It's the one I WOULD recommend, if you're interested in actually checking it out.
Jan. 18th, 2011 08:18 pm (UTC)
"I have been known to fastforward at times!"

Cheater. ;)

I watched 4(!) episodes last night and I'm enjoying S2 so much. It's so good! But I sense something horrible is going to happen. [I mean, something even more horrible than those 3 women getting their throats sliced]

Sorry about the Whedon bashing. All the internet worship just, I don't know, gets on my nerves. The one thing about Buffy that DOES hold up is the dialogue. It IS snappy, and it's the reason I enjoyed the show so much the first time around. As a rule, even if I don't like something, I don't like bashing it because I'm a firm believer in everyone enjoying their own thing, and if you don't like it just go find something you do and bugger off. So I kinda broke my own rule. I suck.

I don't recall ever watching an episode of Firefly, but I feel like I've seen bits and pieces of it. There are just too many things I'd have to overcome, and there isn't anyone in the cast I like enough to pull me in and get me past all that. :)

We are like thisclose to a new Spn. I'm so excited.

I ramble so much. Gah. Just ignore me.
Jan. 19th, 2011 04:13 pm (UTC)
Well, I always watch all of it the first time through. But I have ALSO been known to be doing other stuff while watching. The movie Memento? EXTRA confusing when you're mostly only listening to it while painting a design on a pair of pants. Just sayin'.

I seem to remember going through S2 quickly, the first time. The whole thing with Al – Jewel telling Dan to break that door down, omg, so good! S2 may be my favourite of the three. It's just ... still hard work! I'm guessing Hearst hasn't shown up yet? Ugh. Al having to become increasingly aware of his civic duty, preserving the town because that's the only way to safeguard his interests, slowly becoming invested in something other than himself.... I love how Milch explored his theme of civilization emerging from chaos. I just wish he'd been able to finish it! (And, yeah – it gets worse.)

Don't worry about the Whedon bashing with me. I have to watch myself in the same way, because I knee-jerk against things that are over-praised, and Whedon is definitely up there. I was mostly reminding myself that, compared to most of the dreck out there in tv land, he's good. He's just not ... well, you know. And I'm not saying run out and watch Firefly rightnow!!, but if it crosses your path, give it a chance. It also managed to get itself cancelled before it got a chance to suck, so that's pretty cool. The movie was good. (And I suspect you may well enjoy Adam Baldwin as Jayne. I mean, I'm biased. But.)

SPN! Sammy \o/

I shall ignore that last comment. :)
Jan. 19th, 2011 10:36 pm (UTC)
Hearst has not shown up yet. BUT! Last night I finally got to the Alma and Al scene, and it was so damn good. There was just so much going on there, but I loved how she was the one in control, and he was trying to (unsuccessfully) watch his language. Such a different dynamic for Al. And it was so funny, too. I feel like they really amped up the humour this season. Y'know, pretty soon I'm going to start calling everyone a c*cksucker.

Should Firefly ever cross my path, I will totally give it chance. Now you have me intrigued by Jayne. :)

To quote Dean: Saaaaam!

Sammy \o/

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