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random: fandom and music

Friday. Time for some Random!

I love music. I'm not that musical myself, and I'm extremely haphazard when it comes to expanding my listening, but I do love it. And, correspondingly, one of the things I love about fandom is how it has contributed to my musical awareness over the years. A fair amount of the stuff I listen to came through hearing it on a show or in a movie, and since getting into fandom more, through fellow fans' personal soundtracks and playlists.

Fanvids, on the other hand, I don't get into all that much. But other day I was sorting through some old bookmarks, and I came across the very few fanvids I ever bothered to bookmark. I don't watch many, and rarely past the 20-second mark, but these particular ones have stuck for one reason or another. They got me thinking about songs that I would never have found (or liked!) if it hadn't been for fandom, and someone linking them perfectly to characters or relationships or stories that I love.

And then I decided I wanted to share that love. Very specifically, for the purposes of this post, all the fanvids make use of songs that I honestly would not have found otherwise, but now can't help but love. I mean, there aren't many, but here they are anyhow.

(Incidentally, I'm not up on my reposting-fanvid-etiquette. If embedding them in this post isn't cool, I'll take them down and put links instead. It just seems easier to put them all here for now. And just to make super-sure, clearly, disclaimer: NONE OF THESE ARE MINE OR HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ME. I just like them.)

Also, all the vids obviously contain clips that could be considered spoilery for the shows in question if you haven't seen them.

This one was the first that really, really grabbed my attention, and it perfectly embodies the idea of music I wouldn't otherwise even care about:


The poster's comment was that they'd been challenged to set a Heroes vid to Brittany Spears and make it badass. I SALUTE THIS KIND OF THINKING AND ALL THAT IT PRODUCED. Plus, Sylar and HRG are two of the only characters I found remotely interesting in the show (I haven't seen the fourth season and it's somewhere down low on my watch-list, which in itself isn't very long, which works well because I don't have a lot of time or opportunity to pursue it). Oh, Sylar. Messed-up characters are all very well, I suppose, if a-dime-a-dozen. It's the rare ones that gleefully revel in it and yet also struggle with it that are so much fun to watch. As has been noted, I have a Type. PaynoattentiontotheWrongofthat.

Speaking of the Wrong (*cough*Alpha*cough*), and shows that contain characters I like rather more than the show/story itself (and also songs that are really not my cup of tea but I now actually own and listen to):


Ran across this one recently, and reminded me how much I liked Adelle and Mr Dominic (and hells yes, I will commence shipping them happily, although some of Adelle's shirts are a little *headtilt* – Dom's suits, on the other hand, yes pls); in fact, I liked a far higher quotient of secondary characters in this show than in most of Joss Whedon's other stuff, and I'm not quite sure why that is. Possibly because nearly all of them are morally compromised right off the bat, rather than Noble and Woe, Broken in varying degrees; his immoral and amoral characters have always popped a little bit more, and here he finally had a grey setting rather than grey characters in a good-and-evil setting. It cut down on the sermonizing, anyhow.


This one wasn't on YouTube; I ran across it being linked here, but it's the most skillful match-up of song, clips, character and story of any of these, so I really encourage you to click on the link and watch it.

I'll be honest, I started watching Life for the Damian Lewis factor (my mum loved The Forsyte Saga, which I found basically impossible to watch; I couldn't shake the sense that I was supposed to like Irene, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out why, although helloooo Rupert Graves; from what I did watch, though, I found Soames very compelling and yesalrightIhaveatvboyfriendType). It never quite hit its potential – it seems like there was too much studio meddling, trying to make it less raw and hard or something. Anyway, this fanvid is a beautiful portrait of Reese, and her relationship with Charlie viewed through the lens of her. I absolutely love it.

And yes, of course, I have some from Show. Although it should be noted that the more I love the source material, the more selective I become about its fanwork, so don't be surprised that I only have two.


This one takes its time in the progression of clips, and it's pretty straightforward – chronological, basically – but that slow pace becomes so foreboding, so inescapable, and really you don't have to be fancy with this story of theirs for it to hit hard. And my goodness, this song. Placebo's cover of it gives it the right tone, and the lyrics – perfect. Oh, Winchesters.

I think I first came across this through a tahirire rec. (I think? I'm pretty sure.) I hesitate to put the song on the level of Carry On My Wayward Son, but it certainly evokes the same sense of epic long-suffering, of grinding forward in the fight, step-by-cruel-step. And again, it really captures something fundamental and perfect about the boys' story. And the way they keep echoing each other. Oh, boys.

And lastly, my light-and-fluffy favourite of all, mostly because I am as completely and shamelessly smitten by the love story as the song itself could encapsulate (but also partly to palate-cleanse the intense angst of Show):


And I cannot explain the situation more perfectly for you than Clarkson, May and Hammond do, so here:

Hammond and Oliver, epic love story for the ages. ❤.❤ If you ever get the chance to watch Top Gear's Botswana Special, DO IT. It is a perfect hour of tv.

So, yeah. In, what, maybe five years of hanging out in the fandom zone, that's what I've come away with. What about you guys? What fanvids (or songs) just perfectly capture something about a show you love, or took you by surprise, or represent a pinnacle of fandomness for you? Or are there any songs you would fanvid to if you had all the time, clips, and talent in the world? Music is love, come share it. :)


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Jul. 27th, 2012 10:38 am (UTC)
Whenever I hear Green Day's 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' I immediately see images of Dean from season 5. It's like a Pavlovian response.
Jul. 27th, 2012 09:44 pm (UTC)
Oh, wow, I see what you mean. I'd never heard that one either! I wouldn't have connected Green Day with Show, but that really fits. Oh, Dean.
Jul. 27th, 2012 11:27 pm (UTC)
I'm mostly in lurk mode, but had to come out from behind the curtain and tell you that I really enjoyed listening to these vids. The Supernatural vids in particular. So much of this show is filmed in shadow; pain, angst and tears glimpsed in half-light and sepia tones. Visually, Show is beautiful on its own, but set to the right music, the emotional punch is even more amazing.

Like you, I love being introduced to new music, and have definitely been influenced by the vidding community. Neither of the songs from the SN vids fit into my typical music choices (I have eclectic tastes but am most often drawn to trance and dubstep). But I have to say there are a few vidders out there who have amazed and delighted me with their musical vision. They've taken the saga of the Brothers Winchester and made it 3D and in smell-o-vision! :D

That said, I'm favoriting the vids you posted -- they're quite evocative, and I can totally see why the music affected you!

You might also be interested in SPN (amongst other) vids made by secretlytodream (view them in her LJ journal and on YouTube). She's very prolific and wonderful at storytelling through atmospheric editing and out-of-the-box music choices. Sadly, she has removed the vid she produced with a musical prompt I sent her. It was set to "Manic Star" by Conjure One. I uber-failed to upload it here in comments for you, but if you're at all interested, I'd be happy to email it to you. Sharing is caring.. :)

Jeez, if I only knew how, I'd make fanvids to ALL of the music by Conjure One, it's just that good. Take a listen to "Manic Star" on YouTube; the first time I heard it I KNEW beyond a shadow that it had to be written about the Winchester brothers.

I have a list of songs I'd love to vid if only I knew how. *major sighage* SPN and AtS fandoms are my main drugs of choice. Such pretty, pretty mens.. ;)

I wish I could vid Alanis Morisette's "Uninvited" with Lindsey McDonald/Angel/Darla from AtS. This just SCREAMS unhealthy attachments to me. :D

The melancholy of Above and Beyond's "Tri-State" takes me back to the beginning when Dean is traveling alone. John had taken off to chase his own obsession, and Sam has decided to take a very different path. I picture Dean as a pack animal forced to function alone, off the grid, and a feeling of abandonment (which Dean would stuff like a good little soldier) begins to morph into a crushing sense of loneliness. The song is haunting and repetitive, just like Dean's life. Driving alone, hunting alone, eating alone, sleeping alone. An endless loop.

For me Adam Nickey's "Never Gone (Above & Beyond Remix)" is the Ballad of Lindsey and Dean. I've been writing their story for a very long time now, and when life stops handing out nervous breakdowns, I plan to actually finish it.. :P

In my head "Endless Night" by Two Steps from Hell is a montage of every agonizing death and separation scene that Sam and Dean have had to endure. I think you might really like this one.

Also, I've gotten a real kick out of some of the Leverage vids. Don't know if that's your thing, but you might enjoy this one for a giggle and snort. :D

Anyway, thanks so much for posting some great stuff. Much enjoyment was had!


Jul. 28th, 2012 03:00 pm (UTC)
Ooh, thankyou for delurking! And bringing such an offering with you! Yays! :)

First off, that Leverage one is HILARIOUS. That is so them. Much giggling and snorting was had! It also reminds me why I don't tend to write the two of them all that much – because SO MUCH of their relationship is in the actors' chemistry. Although I might have to play that vid a few times and see if that can inspire anything. I've been rewatching the whole series recently with my mum, and the thing that makes her crack up more than anything is their banter and arguments. It's kind of adorable. (And, speaking of pretty mens, not lacking in that department either – mind you, between them they've got SPN and AtS covered! Oh, Lindsey. I FIRMLY BELIEVE LORNE FAILED. Such an interesting character, I hate that they didn't use him more, that they tried to make him so little and petty next to Angel, who was so little and petty himself in so many ways, and for that Spike was always the better foil. Lindsey was cool and had his own devil-may-care grace about him which was so much better than the Epic Broodiness.)

I have to admit, I don't spend almost any time with trance or dubstep – I find it a little bit inaccessible, I think – so I definitely wouldn't have come across these tracks. My default is to lean toward rock, and its derivatives, for Show and the boys – gritty, lyrical guitar is so them, to me, very much that mid-west Americana that is so tonally integral to their story – so I probably wouldn't have thought to go to this kind of music at all. So I'd be happy to look at the vid – are you able to send it to my lj email? If that doesn't work, let me know.

I do love the epicness of them, though, that's very apt. And I can see how these tracks can tonally represent the shift that sort of happened around S4-5, where it began to trandscend Truckstop America and became more cosmic. This is worth more pondering. *nods* Meanwhile, here, have a bizarre insight into how I interact with my favourite, core stories. O.o

The Endless Night one is beautiful, so aching and sad. It reminds me a little bit of a track by Timo Baker called The Fighter, although it's much more unsettled and staccato, it makes me think of the same underlying loss and desperation. Also Thomas Newman's score from the movie Brothers (appropriately enough) always makes me think of the aftermath, of them apart. Like Sam between S3-4 [edit: or even more, in Mystery Spot] and Dean S5-6, that point they get to where they're functioning, at least externally, and putting one foot in front of the other – kind of hopelessly endless – but so deeply wounded they're only half-alive on the inside.

Wow, clearly I have more music rambling in me. I have an entire post on a song that I think captures Dean PERFECTLY, which has been lying around for far too long. I might have to dust it off and see if it's post-worthy. *ponders moar*

Thank you again for coming out to play! :)

Edited at 2012-07-28 03:05 pm (UTC)
Jul. 28th, 2012 08:56 pm (UTC)
I have an entire post on a song that I think captures Dean PERFECTLY, which has been lying around for far too long.

I swear I was just thinking about this the other day, and then you posted this entry and I was all MUSIC! DEAN! NEW DAY! Must tell themonkeytwin to post her meta! So yeah, you should POST IT.

to palate-cleanse the intense angst of Show.

Ahahahaha. *pets you*

Jul. 29th, 2012 02:29 pm (UTC)
Well, you know what that means, don't you? *NUDGE*

Plus, a couple of months ago, I skimmed through it, and it was like nigh-incomprehensible. What the hell was I even saying, idek. I'm a little wary of opening the file again, in case it's become even more indecipherable while I wasn't looking. Then again, I kind of really want to celebrate Dean's S7 arc before we hit the flailing confusion of in-season Show and S8. So. IDEK. WHAT IS MY LIFE.
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