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Recently, because bitterlimetwist gets me to WATCH ALL THE THINGS, I watched Drive. In fact, I watched it twice. The first time around, I enjoyed it but remained on my aloof fandom fence. However, the skill with which it was crafted stuck with me enough that I soon revisited it, and that time around it completely blew me away. And confused me.

The filmic language the movie speaks seems to be this tweaked distillation of noir, western, crime, thriller, fairytale, knightly chivalry, superhero origin, monster movies, and seasoned with this John Hughes/Michael Mann 80s sensibility (and it is AWESOME). It's somehow taken the common threads in all of them and twisted it into something dreamy and brooding and brutal and off-kilter and really compelling. It explains itself so little that I feel like you could take nearly any one of those genre lenses to view it through, and it would stand.

So here's where I get lost.

Genres. I know, but stick with me.

I am rubbish at them. Ask me to give the salient points of any but the most basic story genre and I will give you a blank look while I internally panic. My entertainment-media-watching career is way too splotchy to have given me a feel for it, and I have discovered I just can't absorb patterns any other way; generalisations and guides and rules pour in one ear and straight out the other. I simply do not get them, and don't think that's not frustrating as hell. BUT, when someone else tells me their experience and feel for something, that sticks beautifully.

So when I listed the genres Drive incorporates, that was from reading press releases and interviews and the damn wikipedia entry. (On my own, the only one I worked out with any confidence was Western. And that was largely because of conversations with workerbee73 on the genre conventions, as pertaining to Clint Barton et al. And the Michael Mann stuff was obvious because I adore Heat and Collateral, and it's set in his beloved L.A.) This – research – is what I typically do when I realise I'm unable to interpret the language or culture being expressed on my screen, and it helped. In some ways.

In others, it made me starkly aware how due to glitches in my programming little I get how people connect to and process genre conventions, what they mean culturally and individually due to my cultural ignorance, and what I think of the movie due to ongoing lostness. I still haven't come to any conclusions. Except for how exquisitely the visual palate and symbolism were employed for exposition, rather than dialogue; as a visual artist, I am all over that part. And it is stunning.

Anyhow, this time was unusual in that, even before turning to the internet, my first instinct was to come here and bug all my flisties about it (and any lurker/passerby who is generous enough to lend me their input too). Whether you're an avid film geek or just love watching a good movie, I really want to hear what you have to say, whether it be about this movie specifically or what intrigues and resonates with you about various genres. I just don't know how to frame that conversation. Although being that Drive was what kicked off this cascade of thoughts, and how ambiguous it can be, I would love any kind of discussion of the movie itself. Because it fascinates me.

All of which makes me want to do some kind of Drive-based movie discussion post, but I have no idea if it's worthwhile. HENCE POLL.

Poll #1862221 proposed: movie discussion post

If I hosted a casual discussion post for this movie in, say, two weeks, would you:

totally watch the movie and be there with bells on
probably not get around to watching the movie but chime in to the genre discussion anyhow
want to do both but can't promise anything, life is busy
consider it an acceptable way to pass the time until Avengers comes out
eh, whatevs, *shrug*
charitably point me toward any number of helpful discussions already happening about such things

the format that would be easiest to interact with in comments would include:

some kind of plot summary
stylistic/genre observations on the movie to the best of my ability (so that there can be pointing and laughing and explaining)
specific questions I have about the whole thing
"ready, set, GO!"
other what I will explain in the comments, because clearly you need help with this stuff

So, yeah, that's ... that, I guess. Oh, and if it'll help give a better sense of the tone of the movie, here's the opening chase scene. The Fast and the Furious it is not.


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Aug. 24th, 2012 05:52 pm (UTC)
In what increasingly feels like another life, we used to go see films in the cinema. Like a lot. Like really a lot A LOT. As in a double feature wouldn't be unusual for us. (In fact, we once saw a triple feature.)

With the birth of LB, of course, all this has changed. We saw exactly 4 films in the cinema last year. (And from what I understand from other parents, this is a high number of films for parents of a small child to see in the cinema.)

After hearing all the amazing buzz about Drive, we decided to make that our second Movie Friday (days on which we both took 1/2 days off so we could see a film while LB was still in the creche). I tell you all this not to bore you with the details of my childcare situation but instead to explain my opinion of the film.

I HATED it. I found it overly precious, smug, over-produced, and I wanted to take off that stupid jacket and use it to smother Ryan Gosling. And since this is such a minority opinion, I can only think that it was the overhype combined with the scarcity of entertainment outlets which combined to raise my expectations to the point where nothing would ever be good enough.

I'm not sure I'm willing to sit down and watch the film again, but I would love to lurk and see what other, smarter, more cultured, more informed peoples have to say about it.
Aug. 25th, 2012 12:39 am (UTC)
I found it overly precious, smug, over-produced

Oh, see, that's fascinating – because my first time through it, there were several points where that was my reaction too, so I can totally see that. And the incessant orange-and-teal of it all annoyed me pretty much the whole way through. The love story seemed completely arbitrary and contrived. One thing that kept me entertained through it was the thought that if I had ever wondered what an SPN AU would have looked like if, at the end of S2, Dean had failed to get Sammy back, I didn't have to any more, because it was playing out right in front of me. (But then, I default to that kind of thinking a lot.)

So I wobbled back and forth quite a lot, and at the end decided on balance I thought it was okay, and didn't expect to feel differently. The second time through, I don't remember having such an immediate, strong turn-around of opinion on a movie ever. But at the same time, I still haven't settled on what I think about it – so I may end up there again. I really don't know. For now I'm enjoying the puzzlement it's giving me :)

But also, I had heard literally nothing about this movie before watching it other than bitterlimetwist's asking me if I'd seen it, and I watched the trailer I think. And I watched it on my own – the director and Ryan Gosling talked about it being something to see with an audience, to experience it and react collectively to those moments when you just don't know what to do with what's onscreen, but for me it was such an intimate movie that I can't imagine what it would have been like to see it with a roomful of strangers. I don't think I'd have liked it – although maybe I would have understood it more through their reactions to it. Maybe? Not sure.

Anyway. Your lurkitude is welcome. Even if nobody's interested in a discussion post, I may end up writing something up, although I'm worried that it'll just be me mostly going, ...? not sure...? :D
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