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adieu, Leverage, it's been fun

So just saw the news, which was totally not news, given how John Rogers has been hedging the "renewal" question over on his blog every frikkin' time it comes up. (Plus the whole "legacy" theme and foreshadowing all season.) He consistently said it was a five-season show, and he's stuck to that, bless him. It's been my light, not-stupid, chewy-candy show for four years and now I've got TWD I await his next project with interest.

With it confirmed, and in keeping with what I said in August that every single episode of S5 so far has left me with a horrible, horrible, very specific feeling about how the series is going to end, which hasn't changed much at all, my pure speculation, uninformed by anything other than Rogers' hints that it will be heartbreaking (and that he knew all along that this was The Finale), is:

That Nate will do something ultimately suicidal, but that Eliot will find a way to save his life through taking the fall himself, and thus achieve atonement (or at least the closest can Eliot believe he can get to it). Keeping the couples intact (or as much as Sophie's wrath will allow), and forcing Nate out of his own self-destructive head.

Not terribly original, I know. But that's the most likely shape of it, to me. No way is Parker, Hardison, or Sophie going down. They might do a variation where Nate does die and Eliot goes on, but that seems a lot less likely (while possibly more interesting). And the idea that they might all survive, and the team is forced to split up in some other way? Sure, it could happen. That would be nice. Let's go with that.

Meanwhile, I've got Maggie/Sterling and looking forward to a closed-canon sandbox to play in.

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