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confession session yaaaay

So it's been a bunch of time since my last confession? And almost as long since my last meeting. Clearly, I am in terrible shape and it's time for a new rant session.

1. Update on previous confession: I haven't watched Glee since the end of S2. I still like Puck and Quinn, but overall I just stopped caring. I feel like it had already said pretty much all it had to say by that point, which was interesting for what it was, but tedious in endless reiteration. I do, however, have an aged plot bunny hanging around indefinitely of the two of them reconnecting many years later that almost certainly will never get written (I've never yet been able to write without knowing the whole of available canon, due to characterisation issues, and that would involve watching the damn show, and ... yeah. No.) that I nevertheless have a playlist for.

(Also? I think I ship St Berry. I mean, to the extent that I care at all what happens to Rachel, which is, objectively, very little. But in any case, my penchant for complex anti-heroes and relationships and gorgeous, lyrical writing found deep satisfaction in this fic.)

2. I have playlists for fics and ships that will never get written. Playlists are one of the first things I do when I'm even considering ficcing, and that's often where the effort ends. IT'S A SICKNESS.

3. Oh, and I'm finding the third of my original "three unconditional, unwavering, unflagging crushes", Jayne Cobb, to have been slowly fading, without me even noticing until recently. I mean, I still love him and everything, but I'm finding Whedon's stuff harder and harder to watch, and now I'm thinking he was more of a gateway drug than anything, because between Boyd Crowder (and, hell, nearly the whole rest of the Justified cast) and Daryl Dixon ... I don't know, Jayne just doesn't quite get there any more, you know?

4. HOWEVER. I'm underwhelmed with Justified S4 so far. I mean, they've started slow every season, and I'm willing to just take the ride with them, see what they do, but at this stage I'm having trouble focussing. I like that they're mixing it up, trying something different – that instead of setting up clear internal and external power structures and putting them on a collision course, they've decided to try structuring it around a kind of detective mystery instead. I like that they're experimenting. It's just that it's not landing, for me. I think, maybe, they've overplayed the mystery aspect – they're making it too hard to know what anyone's actually doing/intending. There's too much I can't tell – I can't tell if Boyd's got deeper agendas going on than what we're being shown, I can't tell why I'm supposed to care about this mystery bag other than Art does and Arlo will kill for it (neither being particularly compelling to me), I can't really tell what the hell Raylan thinks he's doing. Everyone feels like they're treading water, the bag-chase not withstanding, and none of the currents they're bobbing about in are clear.

And that's frustrating to me, in a boring way. Partly because I have never had any interest in mystery/detective/thriller/procedural shows (I typically find "thrillers" anything but), so their central conceit this season is not one that appeals to me at all, but also partly because one of the strengths of this show has always been giving us an insider's insight into the weirdness that is Harlan County, and at the moment it feels like they're just putting on a panoply of weird without the insight that allows us (or just me?) to invest in it. Too many cards too close to the chest, and it eventually becomes just a dehumanising freak show, and that's not interesting to me.

However, if they want to just give me Art, Raylan and Tim riding around snarking at one another, I will watch the hell out of that. I like these people – pretty much all of them – and I like the setting. I'm happy to just hang out here for the most part. It doesn't take much to keep me interested, you just have to give me some kind of inroad with which to engage it.

5. I keep meaning to write out the patterns I'm getting from The Walking Dead 3.0, but I really haven't had the time, and 3.5 is just around the corner, and then I'll be all about the more meta fodder and nothing will get written until the end of S3. However, if the patterns from 3.0 hold steady (and they don't tweak them for the second half of the season like they did between 2.0 and 2.5, which they very well might not, because they ended 3.0 on a cliffhanger rather than a resolution like they did for 2.0), then as of now, both Merle and Maggie are on the chopping block, to be killed before the end of the season. However, there are potentially mitigating factors for both of them (the Dixon wild card for Merle and the role of mercy for Maggie), and they both did make it through 3.0, so we'll see how that plays out. However, if Maggie does go, it'll almost certainly be through an act of self-sacrifice to save someone else in the group. Merle is impossible to predict, although given that "nobody can kill Merle but Merle", that seems likely for him too.

6. I'm not into RPF. Like, at all. There are all kinds of boundaries issues there that squick the shit out of me. Also I just find that I couldn't care less what celebrities do/are like in their real lives; their job is to act or music or yammer in a funny or promotional way or whatever, and ... that's about where the contract ends, for the most part. That said, there's always something that makes you go hmmm in spite of yourself, and for me, it's Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Or rather, one or two very specific lineups. And all pretty much how these people come across within the bounds of the edited-down hyper-reality of the quiz, outside of which they remain largely uninteresting to me. So go figure.

Here, it's mostly Rufus Hound being peversely delightful and his back-and-forth with Edith Bowman, but Terry Wogan pretty much holds it all together; his timing is unique and impecable. And I kind of just love Edith and Imelda May getting their chat in together. Also, I started out not caring that much for James Blunt one way or another (I never remembered who he was before seeing him on this a couple of years ago), but somehow watching him here created a sneaking liking for him which I've not been able to shake since, and it's not even in instinctive pushback against the way Phil's giving the subtle cold shoulder even while inviting him to ride him, which is quite the feat. Also, I like the way Phil and Noel get all giggly and slightly man-crushy over Terry. Although it must be said that over time, Noel does average quite a lot of name-dropping.

And then this whole lineup, oh lord. I mean, *Frankie Boyle* to begin with [so, obviously, proceed at own risk], and then his friendship with Miles Jupp, and whatever bizarre juxtaposition with Michelle Williams was going on there – mediated by Noel – the chemistry going on within all of that was absolutely fascinating. And, well, Goldie was a little blah, but balanced out the neck tat distribution nicely. But speaking of neck tats, Professor Green comes off as the sweetest, mildest, gentlest guy I have ever seen sporting them, not to mention who does rap battles and tours with N-Dubz and who was "stabbed last year". I mean, does he just channel all his aggression into the rap battles? I realise here I am making assumptions about the nature of people who do all those things, but he does not comport himself at all the way I would expect – even Goldie, clearly on his best behaviour, is more what I'd picture. Also, the fact that Goldie is wearing more bling than drowned Cortés's troops suddenly makes me realise Professor Green isn't wearing any. Clearly my prejudices require updating. But I enjoy watching Green laugh, especially when he can only slump down until his head meets desk. All in all, there was a lot of unexpected, half-hidden flashes of odd sweetness in this episode and I want to trap these people and their class and culture spread all together in a pub and just see what happens.

And this one isn't a panel show at all, it's a bag of crazy the likes of which cats would be lucky to be included in. When Noel is luxuriating in being the normal one? Yeah. That's a show.

7. Also on the subject of the blurry line of RPF and celebrity parody, Cracked's After Hours leaves me sadly confused, because those four are adorable and it exactly hits the nexus between my pop-culture-run-amok and conversation!kink kinks, yet I could never contemplate writing them because of how closely they're modelled on themselves. I think. Maybe. We'll see what happens. (Agents of Cracked, on the other hand, I would totally write but there's no reason to. BEST. ENDING. EVER.)

8. After at least a year or two's concerted musing on the subject, I have come to the conclusion that I am desperately out of sync with what constitutes misogyny on the various forms of shows I actually watch. The shows that seem to get the most outcry that I've encountered around fandom, I'm basically fine with, and the ones that are lauded to the skies piss me off like you wouldn't believe. The in-between ones seem to break even though. And please correct me if I'm wrong, since I'm not up to watching and checking (and if I did, it would end up becoming a blow-by-blow on this very journal of everything that annoys me about it), but IIRC The Avengers, written and directed by The Name in pop media female empowerment, not only doesn't pass the Bechdel Test, but the only two named women in it don't even talk to each other. (I haven't seen the Hulk movies, but I'm kind of assuming they don't pass the test either; in fact, I think out of the Cap, Iron Man, and Thor movies out so far, Iron Man 2 and Thor pass – although Thor seems to depend on whether you define the rule as "have a conversation with each other" or "talk to each other", since every conversation between Jane and Darcy is also participated in by Dr Whatshisface. Personally I don't think that should count, but whatever.)

And since that's going to turn this much more into Fight Club than I want if I take that any further, we'll just leave that there for now. Come, poppets, this is a safe space. Confess in the comments and let the wide open anonymity of the Internet wash you in absolution, I shall not jeer nor point nor start a fight. :)


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Feb. 6th, 2013 07:53 pm (UTC)
I don't know how I missed the first confession session. (actually, I do. I was sleep-deprived and made crazy by what I loving called the '4-month-old Hell-Baby stage.) But now we're at a nice point in the Terrible Twos, where the LB is mostly delightful with only passing tantrums. And, thank all that is holy, he is a terrific sleeper.

So, my confession. *ducks head and speaks the floor* I'm not really all that busted up about Leverage being over. The season finale almost made me feel giddy and all 'oh, geez, the next season would've been SO awesome' except that I couldn't get to that spot. I feel like the show had been falling over drastically ever since the end of the third season. It was something that I loved and was My Show, but I think it ran its course and I'm glad it had a good send-off before it mouldered into complete nonsensical irrelevance.

Which leads me to my next confession - I've no Show right now and I don't even know where to find one. I think Show-ness needs to just *happen*. I know there's all kinds of good television out there right now, but a lot of the stuff that's considered good (like "Breaking Bad" and "The Walking Dead" just doesn't click with me). We've started watching The Following but it's too meh and soulless to ever be a Show, it might be passable entertainment. And I bought a season pass to The Americans, based solely on tweets from tv critics at TCA last month. But I miss having a Show.

And I guess we'll go with one last confession to round things out. I can't remember a single bit of The Avengers, so I can't even fight about your last (and most interesting) confession. In fact, I can't, for the life of me, think who the second woman was in the movie. Do you mean Pepper Potts?
Feb. 7th, 2013 02:41 am (UTC)
Hi you! Don't you worry about missing any of my posts. And I'm glad to hear LB is continuing adorable and awesome. He sounds like the best kid ever. And HOORAY FOR SLEEP! \o/

I'm not really all that busted up about Leverage being over.

Oh, honey. This a safe space. A saaaaafe space. *makes vague circle motion with hands* Besides which, I completely agree, with basically everything you said. And I'm impressed with Rogers and co ending it on their own initiative when the studio would have continued – he always said he felt like there was five seasons, max, in the premise. They burned through ideas and plots and cons so fast, you could really feel them stretching toward the end. I think they did a very skillful job of riding that out, actually (if White Collar could only take the hint, but I digress), but S5 was definitely the place to cap it.

I feel like the show had been falling over drastically ever since the end of the third season.

See, I was wondering about this, because I felt kind of the same way (maybe a little less drastic, more a gentle slide for me, but S3 being the turning point). And I was wondering if that was because that was the season I started watching in real time – because mainlining episodes tends to build more uncritical enjoyment into the experience, for me. When I came back home, I started watching the show with my mum, and we burned through it fairly quickly until catching up somewhere in the second half of S4, and she seemed to enjoy the lot. So I figured it could just be a subjective thing, rather than objectively something with the show, I can't really tell. (I have another flistie who has gone through the full set in a reasonably condensed window of time, and I was actually planning to ask her about it and compare and contrast *side-eyes flistie and leaves conversation bait right there*.) Was that a factor for you, or were you watching real time from the beginning? *really curious now*

I think Show-ness needs to just *happen*. I know there's all kinds of good television out there right now, but a lot of the stuff that's considered good (like "Breaking Bad" and "The Walking Dead" just doesn't click with me).

Yeah, it needs to be organic, I agree. And as for all the "good" television out there, I was really surprised TWD clicked with me, actually. The rest of the Top Four or whatever they are don't, at all. I don't know if this'll help you at all, since I haven't actually had a chance to check it out myself, but I've had Suits recommended to me. In any case, I wish you luck in your search for a new Show. :)

In fact, I can't, for the life of me, think who the second woman was in the movie. Do you mean Pepper Potts?

... Oh man. I'd forgotten that she was even in the movie! Make that three named women, then. No, I meant Maria Hill, who seemed to function as Nick Fury's second in command (I have no idea if that was actually her rank, though). And ... I don't know, that's about all she is. *shrug*
Feb. 7th, 2013 07:16 pm (UTC)
I've watched the last three episodes of Arrow. Um, I guess I'm back to watching Arrow? How did that happen?

I made this icon. It isn't quite what I want it to be, but whatever. I make do. :)
Feb. 8th, 2013 02:25 am (UTC)
Hah, shows are weird that way. I myself watched Puncture for the torso of one Chris Evans, gloriously hairy and tatted-up, as nature intended. So, you know. It happens ;)

Aww, icon! It's pretty. And, well, Sam, so puppy-complexity FTW! What did you want it to be?

(I also should confess that I caught up with your posts in the last day or two. And I still haven't watched anything since 8.10. I think I probably am firmly back in the let-things-pile-up zone, so that'll be fun. :))
Feb. 8th, 2013 04:41 pm (UTC)
What did you want it to be?

I wanted it warmer, I guess? And hah, this morning I managed to fix it. Sooo, I like it better now. (Until this afternoon, when I'll find something else wrong with it.) :D

(I thought we agreed you wouldn't read them, you know, because reasons. But since we're on the subject - do you know how many times I've edited the last two? Like, I'm forever ~fixing them. Gah, I just finished messing with 8.13, again, some more. And why? Whyyyyy? Ugh. *throws hands up and is all dramatic*)

I think I probably am firmly back in the let-things-pile-up zone, so that'll be fun

Marathon! \o/

Re: Avengers. I also totally forgot about Pepper. Hahaha.
Feb. 9th, 2013 03:12 am (UTC)
Until this afternoon, when I'll find something else wrong with it.

Ugh, right? Never finished, just abandoned. :/ Especially the case when it's stuff that no one else would ever notice.

I thought we agreed you wouldn't read them, you know, because reasons.

I do recall a suggestion to the idea. ;p But really, it's not so much a thing, provided my headspace is not utterly wrecked by other things (and thus not conducive to reading anything in wider fandom either). I don't mind your thoughts, it's not the end of the world that we see some things differently :) Although I realised (confession some more) that this is something I have in common with Sam: if it's there to know, I want to know. I want to know All The Things! (I think I do have more luxury to pace myself than he does, at the moment anyway. But still. If it's there to know, I'm going to get there sooner or later.)

Like, I'm forever ~fixing them.... And why? Whyyyyy? Ugh. *throws hands up and is all dramatic*

See above, re: finished/abandoned. :D


You know it! And you will be the first to know it.

Pepper ... was in it. That's about all I got.

(And Jane got shunted off altogether to a safe location – don't want all these distracting, non-hero females cluttering up the place! They are superfluous to requirements! We have a woman who kicks ass on The Team, a woman who serves in the paramilitary Just Like The Fellas, and a woman to Pine and be Tragically Affected by the sacrificial superheroics of her dreamboat. SURELY THIS ONE-OF-EACH IS MORE THAN ENOUGH XX REPRESENTATION, YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL YOU GOT THAT MUCH WHAT MORE CAN WOMANKIND DO?

I just ... no. It will become rantsville central. And not even about the women specifically, because I do understand the limitations of the story, it's the way they indicate how the choices were made and ...... ARGH.)
Feb. 10th, 2013 02:45 am (UTC)
if it's there to know, I want to know. I want to know All The Things!

Heh, I feel like this is the reason I can't hold off on watching new episodes. I must know! (And then I must cry. And then I must rewatch when I've sufficiently recovered from the emotional trauma. /such a fangirl)


Ahahahaha, right? Just be grateful for the eye candy, ladies.
Feb. 10th, 2013 08:32 am (UTC)
... This is beginning to really make me want to watch it again and snarkrant the hell out of it. As nature intended.

Although to be fair ... I really am grateful for the eye candy. If I lived in a binary either/or construct, I would be just so conflicted right now. (Been skimming FFA. Headtiltingly.) Luckily, I don't! 8D
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