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I have been thinking about this quite a lot for the last few days, and really, I got nuthin'. I just don't think I think this way about stories and the shows I watch. Generally speaking, the characters onscreen are the ones the story needs to be the story it is, yes? Giving more screen time to a character makes it a different story. And eventually, that way Sueness lies!

For example, I'm currently slowly puzzling through headcanon (with amazing and very much appreciated help from im_ridiculous) in order to write Maggie/Sterling, and you could say that for that, it would have been helpful to have more data, more appearances of Maggie. Also Olivia, because we're pretty much making up her history wholecloth. But at the same time, if they were on the show more, it would affect characterisation. Maggie's barely around because she doesn't get sucked into Nate's world; she helps out very occasionally (twice, in fact), but the rest of the time she's living her own life, and that's part of her characterisation. Likewise, Sterling's going to be secretive and protective of Olivia, and limit exposure as much as possible. Seeing any more of her in that one episode, or having her in another episode, would go against his characterisation at least, if not hers.

So in the end, I had to fall back on a default (though sincere) answer.

Day Seven: A female character that needs more screen time

Bela Talbot of Supernatural.

I've been trying to avoid characters from Show, it almost feels like cheating (I could easily answer at least two thirds of the questions with them without thinking too hard at all (and where's the fun in that?), also, chances are I've already talked about them at some point). But for this one, it legitimately fits, because she was the (minor) character the most ripped off by the writers' strike, so yays, loophole in my problem with the question! I wish she'd had the screen time she was originally supposed to have.

Though as I said, chances are I've already talked about her at some point:

Bela. [...] Because I loved that finally there was someone who could put one over on SamnDean, who wasn't a damsel even when she needed saving, who was snarky and twisted and competent. She was a worthy antagonist and I wish we hadn't lost more of her development to the strike.

So, yeah. Although, LOLariously enough, that was in answer to "A character I love that everyone else hates"; I'm pretty sure time (and Becky and Amelia) enough has passed to make her fairly universally appreciated, if not outright loved. And for her to have been *always* appreciated, too. Ahhh, fandom. Fandom, fandom, fandom.

Although that up there kind of sums up how I feel about it all. What happened, how did I used to be more concise?! (I'm pretty sure I wasn't.) The best thing (...?) about it is that she was already doomed, so wishing more screen time on her isn't the death sentence it usually is on Show. Which ... yay? (As it is, I generally like the way Show metes out its minor characters, I like the sparse-but-patchily-networked feel they make of SamnDean's world. And the scarcer they are, the more special it is when they do show up.) In fact, come to think of it, if the full complement of episodes was intended to get Sam to where he could save Dean, it's possible that they could have saved Bela too. Possibly they ended up damning her because they also had to damn Dean. Which would make it the only instance where more screen time on Show increased a character's chances of survival.

Other than that, part of what was intriguing about Bela was that she opened up a whole (logical) aspect of the supernatural that we'd never seen before. And kind of haven't seen since, although you could argue that demon deals intersect with it, I guess. Everything in the show to that point revolved around the hunting world, or people who service that world, and now there was this glimpse into a supernatural black market with about the same in-universe moral stance as arms dealing in ours. I would have loved even one more episode giving us a peek into that whole side of things, and especially her life as a broker in it, because after that Bobby's contacts – and probably Rufus – are about as close as we come, and that all stays firmly hunter-centric, so.

Damn, this is making me want to write all the things about Bela and her world now. This meme is downright dangerous.

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Feb. 22nd, 2013 01:01 pm (UTC)
Hopefully bringing the Thule into it might reopen that world of supernatural artifact dealing. Because if there's one thing that undead Nazi necromancers do, it's track down powerful arcane objects on the black market. :)

The one female on Show I REALLY want more screen time for = Missouri Mosely. o_O
Feb. 23rd, 2013 04:12 am (UTC)
Ha, I actually still haven't caught up with the recent episodes, I've been waiting for the time to properly wallow in it all, and they keep piling up and I still haven't found time. But if that means I have something to tide me over for the next hiatus, I'm happy. :)

Ooh, Missouri. How come her, specifically? (Other than she was very cool.)
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