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So. Two answers again! Yay!

Edit: Victoria does have a last name! I need to do research more.

Day Seventeen: Favorite warrior female character[s] who are actually – keyword – warriors

Aisha of The Losers, and Victoria Winslow of R.E.D.

There are a lot of female characters who fight, these days. There are a lot of female characters who kick ass. There are a lot of female characters who are "empowered". There are a lot of female characters who are survivors. And so on.

And then there are female characters who are warriors, and those are pretty far between. (Mind you, there aren't that many true male warriors around either.) Characters who wage war because that's what they are, not where they are. It's not about guns or fists, either, even though these particular two do use them; in the hands of a warrior, anything is a weapon. Nor does the war have to be physical. For some it's what they've always been, for some it's who they become. There's overlap, and layers. But it's still distinct.

It's interesting that both picks are characters in movie adaptations of comic books (which I have not read), although that's probably got more to do with the prevalence of female fighters in comics, and the creators having more latitude to take them into full-on warrior territory. There seems to be less of that but they have to be fanservice first pressure. (They are of course nearly always still fanservice, but it seems to go the other way, sexiness serving the character rather than the character serving the sexiness, if that makes sense.)

Aisha is, of course, incredibly sexy. She's supposed to be. But under that, there is a feral, ferocious spirit that will tear you to pieces. It's that combatant core that can never be forced to submit (although warriors can voluntarily bow to the leadership of another), because there is no lever, need or desire deeper. I remember watching her in the movie and finally seeing what Max in Dark Angel was supposed to be, and if she'd actually been played that way, I would have been all over that show.

And really that's all I have to say about Aisha, she's not hugely deep, although her love for her drug lord father, her need to avenge him, and her apparent humanitarian concerns all contain some interesting conflicting notes if someone wants to dig in and play there. But it's the unapologetic rawness of her that I love, the all hard edges, the refusal even in the overt sexuality of the character to put the slightest sheen of come-hither subjection to the male gaze. She's a lit firecracker, take hold at own risk.

Victoria is a different style of warrior, all class and sophistication, anything rough or hard worn smooth long ago, and a spine of steel rather than fire (but just as impossible to subjugate). She is not the one with a "gooey" centre (, Frank). In spite of being retired and running a B&B, she literally cannot stop fighting – she's taken to contracting freelance hits. When put between her loyalty to MI6 and her love, she did not bend to either but served both; she put three rounds in his chest as ordered and spared his life. When faced with the prospect of a gun battle in an evening gown, she changes out of high heels and into combat boots, and fires up a Browning M2 .50 caliber. (As you do.) She is gorgeous, and implacable, and if you're in her sights, you'll never even know she was there.

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