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Honestly? I stalled with this one too, since the amount of time I spend focussing on ships in any of my shows is proportionally low anyway, not to mention the esoteric nature of the kinds of ships that actually get me invested (see icon), and then factor in the number of "female romantic relationships" in the stuff I consume and my lack of interest in femslash for its own sake and, well ... you get a situation where I just don't care very much one way or another. And that's hard to write much about.

I did think of Joanie Stubbs/Calamity Jane, who are kind of sadly sweet together (but gah, the sum total of damage they're carrying around between them just makes me hurt, plus, already had a Deadwood answer). And I heard Idgie/Ruth was a thing in the Fried Green Tomatoes novel, but not the movie, which is the version I know and therefore kind of weird to try to talk about. In terms of non-canon shipping, I always thought a well-written Pepper/Natasha fic might be worth a read if it caught their fantastic chemistry in Iron Man 2, but there's no way I'm wading through all the crap fic out there to find if there are any.

And then I remembered these two, and thought, well, it's an answer anyway. And then this afternoon I caught up on the recent strips, and was like, sold.

Day Twenty-Four: Favorite female romantic relationship

Dora Bianchi / Tai Hubbert of Questionable Content.

First up, a salute: I love how much Jeph Jacques loves, writes, and draws his ladies. I mean, the dudes are all cool and I love them too, but seriously. Awesome, textured, varied, lovely, authentic-feeling ladies (within the tone of the strip, of course, being some kind of mixture of indie, snark, hipster and snarking-on-hipster). Not a whiff of the token female to be found. *salute*, sir.

Although honestly, I don't really ship anyone in the cast (wait, I tell a lie, Hannelore/Station OTP!!1!111!!!!!one! HOMGSOCUTE, and also a mild preference for Faye/Sven), because everyone's interesting regardless of relationship status and I adore a series that doesn't constantly go to that well for characterisation boosts. But hey, these two liked each other and wanted to be together and then they got together, and that's not often an easy journey and so yay good for them. Dora's awesome and we don't know Tai that much by comparison but she seems pretty cool. Marten wasn't all that good for Dora's insecurity issues in the end – not that that was his fault – so let's hope Tai is better suited with that.

And for bonus super-cute points, second-most-recent strip:

Aw, Dora. You sure know how to comfort a girl. :D

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