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Try as I might, I could not find a way to make Day 27 ... well, interesting. I mean, this is all the boring, behind-the-scenes grunt work that goes on behind fics, and I spend far too much time on it anyway, and it's just not a forefront thing, y'know? And then life put pedal to the metal with the head-melting crazy, although more funtimes recently since it involved a friend visiting for a couple weeks and all the sightseeing that entails. But since the internet just carried right on without me as if it didn't even notice I was gone, so shall I. *wins ALL the passive-aggressive*

Day Twenty-Seven: A female character you have extensive personal canon for

Maggie Collins of Leverage, and assorted.

I'm one of those people who doesn't have extensive headcanon unless I need it. If I'm writing fic and I have to figure out the whys and wherefores, then yeah, I will think it into the damn ground and then often not get anywhere further because of that because I am a pain in my own ass. Otherwise, headcanon is limited, unless provoked through interactions with others' interpretations.

But with Maggie Collins, she is present in a grand total of four episodes of the show, and I'm attempting to write a super-slow-burn, plausible relationship between her and Sterling, and that does not come cheap. So, for the purposes of my story, and unlikely to ever actually appear in it, Maggie is the only child of two brilliant, and happily married, academics; one probably either literature- or history-related, the other probably languages of some kind. They lived and worked in Europe for much of her childhood (right now I'm leaning toward Spain for some arcane reason, maybe for her Spanish-speaking in the S1 finale, and maybe because I associate sunshine and passion with her, under all her elegance). They travelled throughout Europe every summer, and thus she imbibed a profound, astute and life-long love of art, history, culture, travel and exploration from both her parents and her surroundings. Then I think they returned to the States for perhaps the last year or two of her high school, but definitely by the time she starts college, because of health concerns of one of her parents and wanting to be closer to a fairly well-off extended family. She followed her love of art and adventure into world-class expertise and began consulting with IYS, met Nate, and so it went.

One thing that I realised recently was that I had somehow never thought about what her faith might look like. It's not a facet I usually bother with, when it comes to headcanon, since it's rarely directly necessary. But this woman married a man who was, for a little while, studying to become a Catholic priest, and he was clearly still a practicing believer right up until the moment their son died, and all those factors obviously played a big role in her life. In the first season, he learned about the assault on his old friend the priest through Maggie, so she obviously didn't cut ties from that community the way he did. But at the same time, I don't think she was ever Catholic herself. I think she understood Catholicism, very well (more than him, maybe – certainly more broadly, and to me her exposure to European history and culture plays a big part there), but I don't think she depended on it for a righteously ordered worldview like he did. But I think her grasp on grace is head and shoulders above anyone else's in the regular cast, so that what shattered Nate only bowed her, and unlike him she was able to process and rebuild and move on. Those are my initial instincts, anyhow; I haven't really thought too in depth about it yet, and may not, if it's not needed for the stories.

Even though I also write Sophie and Parker more than any other female characters, I don't have much headcanon proper for them. Sophie is ever shrouded in mystery, as she should be. And Parker lives so much in the moment that I never headcanon anything about her unless it's specifically needed in that moment. HOWEVER, I have spent way, way too much time on their backstories in my mishmash crack!verse, which is not guaranteed to make sense to anyone but me. Tinkerbell!Parker and Eurydice!Sophie just make me so happy you guys. And I have no idea why, other than it lets my brain pull absolutely anything it likes out of its pop and classical culture stew and just idfic to its heart's content. I have recently worked out exactly what happened to Neverland and Peter, and have toyed with some of the things Sophie's done along the way, which I will write one day when I find the right inspiration/hook/thing to blame on tahirire, because that's how I roll with this one.

More often, though, a moment of headcanon is worked out in fic, of which this one (Bela [meme:day seven] and Gert, SPN) will probably always be my favourite. Another, darker, example is Dee's (of BSG) headspace here. Lori's [meme:day fifteen] got woven into the 50 sentence fics I did for Daryl; they sketch out the very basic headcanon I have for her in the eight months between S2-3 that I'd love to spend more time on, but probably won't get around to. They're also among my favourite of all fifty, which is why I'm going to indulgently share them here too:

#04 - Apple
Lori doesn’t make a sound – they don’t much anymore, since the farm – but her grin as she tosses him a fresh apple from the haul they bring back from the orchard is fierce and wild and free, and for the first time Daryl thinks he might learn to like her.

#36 - Movement
She’s known he wanted it for a long time – any woman could tell, catching his shuttered, hungry glances in those stolen moments when the others touch her, glances that deny his curiosity even while feeding it – but he gives in only once, and when he does, the look on his face strikes her speechless, she doesn’t know whether to weep or laugh or hold him tight but he’d hate all three equally, so she just presses his grubby, hot palm a little firmer against the kicking in her belly and keeps it there as long as he wants.

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