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This is kind of a weird one, no? Spend the whole meme talking about female characters and all of a sudden, bam, female creator? Why are we crossing the streams all of a sudden? I feel kind of surprise!fourth-walled, only not in the good way like when SPN does it. I need Sam to smack something and pronounce it solid.

Day Twenty-Eight: Favorite female writer (television, books, movies, etc.)

LM Montgomery

It's not the most super-exciting answer, I guess, but she's probably the author I revisit most often when I just want to curl up with something comfortable to read. Her voice is light and playful enough to be delightful, but sensitive enough that it doesn't become too twee, and just sharp enough to let you know there's an edge in there if she wants to use it. She skews to optimism and whimsy of course, it's what she's known for, but there's always enough of a wry twist in her tone to make it obvious that she knows it, and her brand of grounded escapism is the only kind that works for me. Plus I like her knowing take on faith and human nature, and when she preaches it's usually kept organic to the story and the characters. And I love all the little stories she weaves in (even if some are recycled) and the sheer human interest and affection of hers that comes through in them.

And ... I don't know, I don't have a whole lot to say about it really. I like her more mature characters and narratives for the most part; I even prefer Rilla of Ingleside to a lot of the Annes because the backdrop of the First World War forces a broader, more sober perspective upon the story. Well, and I have a weakness for Kenneth qua Leslie's son; Leslie has always been one of my favourite of her characters. Another book I come back to more than most (ie, probably once every few years) is The Blue Castle. Talk about escapism!

On the other hand, I have never been able to get on at all with her Emily series. I found Emily, and all her little cadre of friends, and basically everyone, completely obnoxious. And I haven't gone back to find out if my opinion has changed; the only character I warmed to at all was Dean Priest, and, well. That was never going to end well, ugh. But it does follow a pattern of me kind of being drawn on the sly to her tragic, bitter characters, although more the ones that are allowed to be a bit deeper and complex. The shallow, petty ones not so much, obviously.

And that's ... kind of it, really. *shrug*

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