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SPN finale reaction

Between studies finals, farewell parties and helping with friends’ wedding, I only got around to watching the finale this morning. A few quick thoughts:

Well, crap. So that’s kind of what it’s like to be Kripked. I’ve had a meta about the role of Writers-as-God in their story rattling around in my head for a while (although it had nothing to do with self-inserts), but with everything else, hadn’t got around to writing it yet. Still relevant, though, so I probably will at some point. The whole Chuck thing was a last-minute ass-pull, though.

I didn’t expect Writers to outright state so much in the way of themes, especially considering the deft touch with which they handled them in No Return. But then, Kripke is one of the most anvilicious voices in that bunch. Sigh. Never underestimate the value of self-control in a writer.

Also? When I said “... the Impala is reserved for overcoming, for family victorious, and we’re not there yet. Writers are saving it for a bigger impact in the coming episodes, probably,” (100th episode review, last paragraph or two) I didn’t expect them to be that freaking literal. A little overstated, there, guys. See above, re: anvilicious. But, whatever. It’s the wrap-up finale of five seasons, and the Impala carried them the whole way, and she’s well loved. I can see why they did it.

There are a bunch of other things – I was hoping they’d avoid the God-fixit, but I didn’t know how they could, and apparently they didn’t either. The story has just been getting away from them, getting too big, for a while now. See above, re: ass-pull. Again, even if they did had a five-year plan, that only works if they’ve got the self-control to stick to it.

I’m glad they went with the Sam-overcoming-his-demons solution to beat the devil. I just wish they’d figured out a way to show us more of that internal struggle, somehow, because that’s where the fight was. The mirror was good, but for the real emotional payoff, we needed more Sam, fighting.

... Anyway. SPN’s finales have always been good, but uneven – great sections, but they don’t seem to know how to steer story when it gets too big. Maybe that’s because family always happens at the intimate level, not the epic. It gets swallowed.

So. Time to start the great big re-review project soon, I think. Soon-ish, anyway.

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