Intermittent Signal

Asylum for The People Of The Long Wind.

I am....

... increasingly in love with Jesus Christ. I mean, I have a sense of how that comes across, but that's how it is. As Simon says (heh), "Lord, to whom else shall we go? You alone have the words of eternal life." (John 6:68) Life, and the universe, and all of us, make the most sense when you see it as THE epic love story of the Creator God and his creation, which he's telling through us. And which is about him, as all stories are fundamentally about the storyteller. We are made to resonate to these things. The more I know him, the deeper, richer, and more meaningful life becomes. The more I'm taken out of my comfort zone, and the more I learn how much he loves me. Which is scary and amazing.

... completely staked in the triumph of life, truth, light, love, sacrifice, kindness, compassion, wisdom, joy and goodness over death, deceit, darkness, hatred, self-serving, cruelty, pettiness, folly, spite, and evil. (And I don't do nice, either.) But that's the thing: once you know the storyteller, you understand the story. And as you understand the story, you know the storyteller.

... willing and delighted to discuss these ideas, and other takes on the meaning of life and who God is. Also willing to respect your right to your own choices. I'm not going to necessarily agree, but I'm also not going to be an asshat. I mean, if God has granted you the right to reject him, surely it's not my place to overrule him and tell you what you should believe. As far as I'm concerned, since he loves you unconditionally, I should be willing to do the same.

... passionate about Story. For obvious reasons. And along with tv and movies, most of our modern storytelling is going on right here. We're telling our collective story on the internet, and talking about our story on the internet. I browse some, and lj is where I want to engage with that conversation.

... into reading fanfic for what it reveals of how people read the characters and the story. But the more I like a show, the more carefully I read, and the more careful I am about my impulse to write. By now, I'm pretty well acquainted with the ins and outs of bad fic, and I don't need to be adding to it, either. I mostly write things that explore characters, often through developing friendships. Or fairly cracky things, for the fun. I am totally into conversation between characters. Seriously. The way other people are into shipping and the hot'n'sweaty stuff. Only not that way. You know what I mean.

... all about talking with people. I love talking. I will talk with people all day.

... Australian. In the sense of being a mongrel mix of displaced Europeans with sunburn and a sense of humour that tends toward laconic and LIVES in irony, with a serious case of antiauthoritarianism.